Concept Bitcoin: Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitcoin Consultancy

This is the story of how I launched Concept Bitcoin to help newcomers safely store and navigate Bitcoin.
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by Leo Indman

With the resurgence of the Bitcoin bull market fueled by Wall Street’s ETF exuberance, the fourth halving, and growing mainstream popularity, the Bitcoin community is welcoming a fresh wave of newcomers. As Bitcoin matures, this cycle offers plenty more resources and content for anyone to get a one-way ticket down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

Some are finding self-sovereignty by watching tutorials or getting first-hand knowledge from a friend or family member. Still others opt to benefit from professional services such as those offered by Concept Bitcoin – a consultancy exclusively focused on guiding individuals, small businesses, and corporations on their Bitcoin journey.

As every Bitcoiner knows, wrapping your head around Bitcoin and what it means for you or your business is not always straightforward. Everyone’s understanding of Bitcoin is unique, and conceptualizing what this revolutionary digital asset is all about may be a hard (orange) pill to swallow.

Hence, Concept Bitcoin’s mission is to offer a tailored, education-first approach to those who are ready to embrace Bitcoin’s value proposition. And like the Bitcoin price, my own Bitcoin story is just as volatile.

I’ve worked in consulting since 2011, implementing trading platforms at Wall Street’s buy-side and sell-side institutions. While I dabbled in digital asset since 2017, it wasn’t until I joined a Bitcoin company in 2021 that my own cerebral reshaping started taking place.

After listening to Breedlove’s Saylor Series, the weekend before I started my new Bitcoin job, my worldview has already been shaken on the most basic concepts like money, technology, energy, and freedom. For the next two years, I integrated Bitcoin products into online banking apps, incorporated Bitcoin rewards into the menus of restaurant chains, and built Bitcoin custody features for institutional operations. And all the while, I coached my clients on all things Bitcoin in order to prepare them to support their new Bitcoin offerings.

During the recent bear market, our clientele wrote off their Bitcoin programs, and I found myself looking for a new job. Although I was pulled back into TradFi, once a Bitcoiner, always a Bitcoiner. I became even more active in the community and helped anyone who asked for a hand in their Bitcoin discovery.

From instructing a neighbor on how to safely withdraw their bitcoin to cold storage to assisting a friend setup their Bitcoin node, each experience reinforced my urge to onboard more Bitcoiners. That’s why this March I launched Concept Bitcoin – to be that friendly neighborhood consultancy that newcoiners can turn to.

It’s often said that Bitcoin comes to those who are ready for it. Concept Bitcoin stands ready for those who developed a curiosity and want to learn what the concept of Bitcoin is all about. Whether it’s the libertarian values of censorship resistance and privacy that attract you, or the promise of capital preservation that prompts you to consider the hardest money ever, or perhaps you simply envision the future with Bitcoin as the native currency of the internet, Concept Bitcoin is your partner who shares those same values and aspirations.

As a global phenomenon, Bitcoin will find itself in the holdings of personal savings, in the balance sheets of corporate conglomerates, and in the micro payments transacted by AI bots. Yet it all starts with a simple concept: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”

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