Did Craig Wright Lie Under Oath?

craig wright fraud

This article was originally published by Dustin Trammell on dustintrammell.com

Last week, notorious Faketoshi Craig Wright took the stand in the @hodlonaut vs. Craig Wright trial in Norway. While on the stand giving his testimony, Craig Wright was being questioned by his counsel about sharing early versions of the whitepaper and code, and asked “did you share the code at any state or discuss you had problems writing or with development?” After a note about when exactly he “had problems” with development and testing, Craig also responds:

“I shared with quite a number of people. Ray Dillinger, Hal Finney… later on Dustin Trammell.”

Craig Wright

Thus lying under oath that he supposedly shared early source code with me.

It seems Craig Wright just can’t help himself. Even when faced with perjury, under oath, he can’t help but lie. This time however, the person he’s dragging into his bullshit isn’t dead.

Let me set the record straight:

I was unaware of Bitcoin’s existence until a day or two after the whitepaper was published to the Cryptography email list on Oct 31st 2008.

I had no access to Bitcoin source code until I downloaded it myself, from the bitcoin.org website, shortly after public release on Jan 8th, 2009.

I had no contact with the real Satoshi Nakamoto until I first emailed them on Jan 12th 2009, as disclosed in 2013 when I published full records of my email correspondence with Satoshi.

At no time, before or after public release, did Satoshi “share” any early source code with me. All copies of the Bitcoin source code and executables that I had were publicly released versions that I downloaded myself from the bitcoin.org website.

Craig Wright is a liar and a fraud.

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