MicroStrategy Hosts “Bitcoin For Corporations” with Jack Dorsey and Lyn Alden

  • MicroStrategy just kicked off their online event “Bitcoin For Corporations”
  • Michael Saylor, Jack Dorsey, Lyn Alden among speakers
  • Free attendance with many corporate sponsors


MicroStrategy leads the pack of publicly traded companies in terms of bitcoin adoption. Their strategy is one of the most aggressive in the space. But is corporate adoption of bitcoin still early? Or has the race already been won?

On February 1st and 2nd, the company held it’s free-to-attend online conference, “Bitcoin for corporations” for the second time. MicroStrategy has not given up after the first conference in early 2021, which pushed the needle, but ultimately did not lead to significant corporate adoption. Michael Saylor is still a lone-wolf on his mission to initiate the corporate takeover. Will he ignite the fire among c-level executives this time?

For MicroStrategy, the organizer of the event, the goal is clear: “How organizations choose to leverage analytics and bitcoin in 2022 will define their future success for decades to come.” The (…) conference provides access to interviews and presentations to help every organization learn how.

But how did the conference go?

Bitcoin for Corporations  started off with an in-depth discussion on Bitcoin between two visionary voices: Jack Dorsey, CEO of Block, Inc., and Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy Inc.

Saylor started by asking Dorsey what he thinks Bitcoin means for the world. To which Dorsey replied, “It’s a reminder of the early internet, it’s extremely principled, open source, transparent, with no single leader or creator. The execution and operation has been consistent and unchallenged. More than anything else it’s transparent. There is a way to build for the internet that is trusted, open and inclusive. We don’t typically see that in the corporate world.”

Bitcoin is a grassroots movement.

It doesn’t care whether you’re a pleb or a billion-dollar corporation. And although we love to see big companies adopt this new technology, ultimately, Bitcoin the protocol remains unchanged. It’s rules without rulers.

We would be pleased to read your opinion below or on Twitter.

Did you enjoy the conference?
What new insights did you gain?
Do you believe new corporate leaders could finally join Michael on his mission?
Which corporate entities are most likely to adopt bitcoin next?
Is the ‘corporate takeover’ a net positive for bitcoin?

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