GoTenna Mesh Network to Integrate Samourai Bitcoin Wallet

GoTenna Mesh Network to Integrate Samourai Bitcoin Wallet

Decentralized communications firm goTenna is teaming up with Samourai Bitcoin wallet to launch an Android application named txTenna by summer to facilitate Bitcoin transactions over the goTenna mesh network.

Daniela and Jorge Perdomo founded New York-based goTenna in 2012, which broadcasts a peer to peer network by using a piece of hardware costing USD 179 that connects to mobile phones via Bluetooth. Phones with goTenna hardware communicate with each other, forming a mesh network which can be used for instant messaging and other forms of data transfer without a mobile phone plan or WiFi. The mesh network is cryptographically secured and was inspired by Bitcoin technology.

The goTenna hardware is able to communicate with any other goTenna that is nearby using walkie-talkie frequencies, within one to three miles, although in clear air conditions at an elevation, communication is possible at up to 50 miles. There are now at least 100,000 goTenna devices across the United States creating a nationwide mesh network independent of the internet. During Hurricane Maria, which destroyed 93% of telecommunications in Puerto Rico, goTenna proved essential for re-establishing mobile phone connections in San Juan.

By this summer, goTenna will be able to send Bitcoin transactions without any mobile phone plan or WiFi using its mesh network. The Bitcoin transaction will be relayed across the goTenna network until it reaches a phone connected to the internet, at which point it will be broadcast to the Bitcoin network. This allows for someone that is many miles away from WiFi to transact Bitcoin, whether due to being in a remote location or because of a disaster situation which has knocked out the internet.

GoTenna will integrate the Samourai Bitcoin wallet whose official motto is “a Bitcoin wallet for the streets“. Samourai Wallet is an easy-to-use online wallet like Blockchain but is specially built to mask transactions and preserve anonymity. It has a ricochet feature which mixes transactions to make them untraceable, and it only takes a click of a button to change your Bitcoin address. Since goTenna is founded on the principles of privacy and encryption, Samourai Wallet is a perfect fit for its new txTenna Android app since it enhances privacy more so than other online wallets.

The goTenna network is expected to strengthen the Bitcoin network by making it so users don’t even have to be connected to the internet to transact Bitcoin. This technology should enhance Bitcoin’s ability to become a global currency.


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