Twitter User Holdlonaut Receives 47BTC Donation (~$1M) For Legal Battle


Twitter user Hodlonaut received an anonymous donation of 47BTC to help him in his upcoming legal battle with Craig Steven Wright. The donation comes in response to a fundraiser running with the hashtag #WEAREALLHODLONAUT.

Many big names in the Bitcoin space are involved and are standing with Hodlonaut. 


When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin in 2009, he hung around for a while, dropping sage lines of wisdom to the brand new community of Bitcoiners.

However, only a year later, he mysteriously disappeared and still today, nobody knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Countless numbers of people have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but they have all failed to satisfy some simple criteria, two of which are;

1) Use Nakamoto’s private key to spend some of the 980,000 BTC in the Genesis block.

2) Use Nakamoto’s private key to sign a message to the P2P Foundation Forum.

Craig Wright is the latest in the line of self-claiming Satoshi Nakamotos who has not yet satisfied the required steps to prove he is not a fake.

Instead, he had been using the courts of law to cling to this identity, SLAPPing anybody who fervently disagrees to the discredit of his claims, with legal action.

When Hodlonaut posted a series of tweets back in 2019 calling out Craig Wright on his claims, he was asked by Craig and his lawyers to remove his tweets, apologize and “confirm” in court that Craig Wright is Satoshi.

What’s more, Craig hired a bunch of journalists and private investigators, and there is mention of a “bounty” for the disclosure of Hodlonaut’s identity. Hence, the running #WEAREALLHODLONAUT on Twitter.

This was the start of the now 3-year-long legal battle between Hodlonaut and Craig Wright, the latest of which is a trial in a Norwegian court, slated for September 12, 2022.

As has happened already, enormous sums of money will be spent by both Craig and Holdlonaut on the myriad minutiae of the legal proceedings.

It was therefore a testament to the generosity and the togetherness of the Bitcoin community when just last week, somebody donated 47 BTC, worth about $1 million, to help Hodlonaut fight his legal battles and to defend liberty and free speech. 

Personally, I stand with Hodlonaut. I do not appreciate somebody needing a judge to tell the world who they are. Otherwise, I am the great-grandson of the great scientist Archimedes. 

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