Plan B with a Cinematic Twist

The second edition of Plan B Forum, one of the most important bitcoin gatherings in Switzerland, is set to return to the picturesque city of Lugano on the last weekend of October.
Plan b with a Cinematic Twist

The second edition of Plan B Forum, one of the most important bitcoin gatherings in Switzerland, is set to return to the picturesque city of Lugano on the last weekend of October. Organized by a visionary joint initiative between Lugano and Tether, this conference has already established itself as a key event in the entire bitcoin space.

The Plan B Event

This year, Plan B Forum and Bitcoin FilmFest proudly announce their partnership, enhancing the main agenda of Lugano’s conference and bringing together the realms of education, innovation, and cinema.

The Plan ₿ Forum, initially planned for only two days, Friday, October 20, and Saturday, October 21, has been extended to include Sunday, October 22, offering an immersive screening experience in collaboration with Bitcoin FilmFest. The extra day offers a rich and diverse program, encompassing full-length documentaries, unique trailers and shorts, captivating presentations, interactive panel discussions, and a fascinating introduction to the dynamic intersection of bitcoin and cinema.

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Several notable titles will be shown on this day. Included among them are two world premieres produced by Bitfinex: Don’t trust, verify and Rabitchat: Elodie Jallet. You can also catch the trailer of Pierre Corbin’s upcoming film, The Fight for the U.S. Dollar and two thought-provoking documentaries: Bitcoin in Cuba by Joe Nakamoto, and Stranded by Alana Mediavilla. Alongside these films, you can expect a few captivating presentations related to bitcoin documentaries as well as announcements about several new productions in the coming year.

Completing the program with a film pitch, Alex Waltz will also share some highlights from his new production, adding extra excitement to the anticipation for this day.

In addition to the main program of the conference days (October 20 and 21), all the guests will have exclusive access to a mini cinema hall, called the Bitcoin Cinema Room. This exclusive space will not only showcase various shorts and animations as well as trailers from upcoming Bitcoin-themed films but also provide an opportunity to meet with filmmakers and the Bitcoin FilmFest team. Such an addition to Lugano’s agenda this year offers a one-of-a-kind experience for cinema enthusiasts and presents a valuable opportunity to enhance understanding of Bitcoin’s influence on the film industry.

Where Bitcoin Meets Cinema

Bitcoin FilmFest made its debut in March 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. Since then, it has been actively partnering with various conferences around the world, while demonstrating the importance of combining technology, education, culture, and art in the process of building conscious sovereignty and financial freedom.

While the major edition of the festival will always be held in Poland, one of its mini-guest sessions has already seen success in Lisbon in April 2023 and will continue its journey to Lugano in October. 

Further plans for “mini editions” of Bitcoin FilmFest, i.e., smaller-scale fest in partnership with significant conferences around the globe, include very interesting destinations, for example Adopting Bitcoin in El Salvador (November 2023) and Bitcoin Atlantis in Madeira (March 2024).

A significant highlight of the project is the main edition taking place in Poland next year.

Scheduled for April 19-21 in Warsaw, the Bitcoin FilmFest 2024 (BFF’24) happening together with the European Halving Party will draw many people from across Europe and beyond, making it one of the most important Bitcoin-only events in this part of the world.

However, Bitcoin FilmFest is not just an event, but also a vibrant hub where Bitcoin cinema thrives. It connects filmmakers, creators, artists, investors, and film enthusiasts to foster networking, education, and immersive experiences. As the heart of bitcoin cinema, it dynamically strengthens its role, thereby supporting conscious bitcoin adoption and further growth of the entire Bitcoin film industry.

Event Information

For more information on Bitcoin FilmFest and its guest session in Lugano this year, as well as other partnering events, be sure to follow the official channels of the project.

Twitter; Nostr; Telegram.

Be sure to stay updated on the Lugano’s Plan ₿ as well, including the upcoming conference in October 2023, any future events and other initiatives.

Twitter; LinkedIn
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