South America: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup 29th April to 5 May, 2019

South America: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup, 7th to 13th December 2018

South America

Welcome to another weekly blockchain news roundup from around the world. Here we present to you all the latest Bitcoin news continent by continent and country by country.


Major US Investment firm looking into Brazilian crypto investment: DRW Holding, one of the largest investment firms in the US has obtained a license from National Institute of Industrial Property, a Brazilian regulator to start its operations in the country. After regulatory steps are completed, the company may look to invest in the cryptocurrency scene in the country. 

Brazil is the top crypto destination in the continent, and a considerable force in international circles as well. And, more and more companies are looking to get into the nascent sector.

Brazil becomes the first receiver of Ledger Nano X Portfolio: BitConf, one of the largest crypto conferences in the world taking place this weekend will see the first ever unveiling of the new hardware wallet named Ledger Nano X. Participants will be allowed to view and use the new model from the crypto hardware company which differs from its previous models by not requiring a USB connection and instead will rely on Bluetooth for connectivity purposes.

With much anticipation around the new device, the participants in this year’s BitConf will be the first to own the new product and see for themselves. Brazil’s progressive attitude towards cryptocurrencies helps new devices succeed in the region.

Biotech company to store DNA data on blockchain: Biotech company named Portunus has launched a new initiative for genetic sequencing and aims to use blockchain technology to record the unique data of Brazilians. 

According to an ebook on the official website:

“The study has the potential not only to make an accurate genetic map of Brazil, but also has the benefit of bringing significant social impacts to the way Brazilian society organizes itself out of its physical traits.

For the privacy of the data, the company will be helped by an American company specializing in making genetic data private.

Bitcoin businessman wants to spread Anarcho-Capitalist ideals in Southern Brazil through bitcoin: A Brazilian bitcoin businessman is dedicating his resources and time to propel the ideology of Anarcho-Capitalism, a free market-based approach that is sometimes considered too radical for the current system of capitalism widely practised in the world

Fabricio Sanfelice, the businessman in question is working on the current project to increase competition and create an economy that works for all.


Petro cryptocurrency embattled along with President Maduro: The state cryptocurrency Petro that was launched by President Maduro is threatened after recent failed coups in the country orchestrated by the leader of opposition Juan Guaido. While last year when the currency was officially launched, the future seemed bright. But now, with the Maduro government facing tough protests on streets, it seems that Petro, his brainchild will continue to suffer and face a lack of confidence.

When it was announced, Petro attracted a few billion USD in investment but now, with the tech not catching up and the government tied up in serious problems, the future of the cryptocurrency remains uncertain.


Government looking to fight corruption with blockchain: The Peruvian government is turning to blockchain to help fight corruption in official circles according to a report by Decrypt news. Corruption remains one of the nagging issues in governance in the South American country and blockchain could be a real asset towards removing it considering it is pursued with full commitment.

Recently, a formal partnership with was signed by the incumbent government to develop a transparent system for the award of government contracts.

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