Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment June 8th, 2020: Pentagon War Games Paid Bitcoin to Rage Against the Machine, No FOMO but $150,000 BTC and $9,000 ETH?

  • Monday has smiled on Bitcoin so far with a steady surge above USD 9,800 ongoing
  • Documents have emerged that suggest the Pentagon war games that asked participants to attack the establishment gave out Bitcoin rewards
  • Bitcoin bull run to achieve USD 150,000, ETH to reach USD 9,000

After emerging from the weekend with price just below USD 9,400, Bitcoin looks to have traded strongly in European markets, with the Americas traders looking ready to help on price at a high of already USD 9,804 (CoinDesk).

Beyond the markets, we go to the United States where leaked documents have suggested that the Pentagon created war games in 2018 that looks almost like it is being played out right now in the US with riots and protests decrying police brutality and racism in the country.

The Intercept published documents that describe how the 2018 Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS) painted a scenario where Generation Z participants started a “Zbellion”, with efforts being rewarded in Bitcoin.

A fictional setting in the US in the 2020s saw players take on financial institutions and banks, as well as corporations and political organizations and non profits known to be in support of “the establishment”, mainly using software to hijack laundered funds and reroute them, essentially turning national currencies into Bitcoin. This is then funneled in small amounts just below threshold donation numbers to “worthy recipients” who are either in financial need or who conduct these attacks themselves.

The war game is prophetic, particularly given that it could not have foreseen the events of 2020 and the accompanying tightening regime of Donald Trump, although the fictional back story does have some echoes of the situation today.

JLASS states that governments are responsible for eroding the public trust in traditional information systems by deliberately adding:

“…erroneous or misleading information into official websites intended to confuse citizens and create mistrust”

In the game, the Zbellion kicks of with rallies and protest to cry out for justice and expose corruption — much like current large protests in major cities globally that were sparked by the brutal police murder of black American George Floyd.

But if the markets are all that interest you, then you’ll be very happy to read that more and more people are now believing that the bull run is well and truly on its way. Adding to what is a growing sound of the bull stampede now is the co-founder of cryptocurrency analysis company Blockfyre, Simon Dedic, who sees the coming rally as almost certain to break Bitcoin records en route to a USD 150,000 price.

Dedic says the gains will not be like a 2017 rally that saw the entire crypto market lifted by Bitcoin record levels but he is fairly certain that major altcoins like Ethereum, ChainLink and even Binance tokens (BNB) should see significant boosts to their prices.

In other words, the CEO says we will be seeing another Bitcoin bull run, but it will be less like the altcoin mania of 2017, which kicked off months of hyperbole and extreme media coverage around the words crypto and blockchain, leading to an era of countless crowdfunded fundraising by a myriad of ideas that never actually saw development.

It is a positive thing, he believes, since this will mean that only the best and most deserving crypto and blockchain projects will get attention — and Ethereum will be the one he sees as the one to profit the most, with a 3,6570% increase from current prices near USD 240 to a high of USD 9,000.

Of smaller altcoins now (by market capitalization anyway), he names Chainlink (LINK) and Tezos (XTZ) as the big winners, with both to reach USD 200 prices during the bull run. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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