VeChain Blockchain Is Stamping Its Mark on Fashion, Trains Sight on China

VeChain Blockchain Is Stamping Its Mark on Fashion, Trains Sight on China

VeChain, the blockchain-enabled platform designed to enhance product management in the supply chain, has a new potential client in Swedish multinational clothing-retail company H&M.

H&M’s in-house clothing brand Arket has been using VeChain for product testing its supply chain tracking solutions, with a company spokesman reporting that the test “is ongoing,” but as yet not evaluated.

With far more sophisticated tracking methods now being afforded by DLT, farmers are being brought into the accountability loop, with many products now being tracked from farm to table. From Queensland cane growers tracking the movement of sugar around Australia, to growing and tracking organic rice in Cambodia, and cocoa in  Ghana, blockchain is providing farmers with a way of tracking their products from growth to table.

Walmart and French giant Carrefour have already ‘blockchain- tracked’ items on their shelves. Whether Arket’s test is tracking its products from farm to clothing-rack, in the same way, is unclear. However, it should be possible in this case as the product in question is a woolen beanie.

The H&M POC test run allows shoppers to scan a product’s NFC chip and retrieve data on the VeChain app about an item, including the material that has been used. This includes the artist’s ID, colo, supplier, factory name and more relevant information, although what farm the wool originated from might be stretching the customer’s interests just a little, and as for the individual sheep, that might be taking things too far.

VeChain is proving to be popular with the fashion industry at the moment, as this is the second of such collaborations in just a matter of weeks. Recently, another partnership was formed with high-profile shoe artist SBTG in order to release an Adidas shoe containing NFC chips. Ingeniously, customers will be able to watch a video of their shoes being manufactured by scanning the embedded chip; all information which is stored on the VeChainThor blockchain.

VeChain is also setting its sights on China’s growing manufacturing market, hence its showcasing of the company and its blockchain solutions at China’s first International Import Expo (CIIE) which took place in Shanghai this month.

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