How To Use CoinJoin For Bitcoin Privacy

All you need to know about coinjoin

This article was originally published by Arman The Parman on Preliminaries To understand coinjoin, it would help to understand UTXOs (unspent transaction outputs) and Bitcoin transactions. You can skip this section if you know enough about these, but it may be valuable to read it anyway. Bitcoin Transactions In simple terms, a Bitcoin transaction […]

Six Reasons Why You Want To Run A Bitcoin Node

mynode bitcoin node running

Preamble Let me explain quickly that a Bitcoin Node is a piece of software (Bitcoin Core) that has some important jobs: 1. Keep a copy of the blockchain (one of many copies out there) 2. Connect with other nodes, forming a network of communication, which propagates transactions (transactions are kept in a “mempool”, the queue of […]

Debunking Bitcoin FUD 

Arman The Parman

This article was originally published by Arman the Parman at Only the most highly-educated Bitcoiners are able to think of realistic risks to Bitcoin – people who have spent hundreds, or thousands, of hours on the subject. Every armchair critic comes up with the same old criticisms which have already been debunked, but because […]

Why Bitcoin Only – by Arman the Parman

why bitcoin only

This article was originally published by Arman the Parman at This is a reply to a comment in YouTube I wrote in a fit of insomnia at 3am. It was surprisingly coherent and expresses my thoughts on why altcoins should not be accumulated, and you should buy bitcoin only. I posted it to Twitter, and […]