Ray Dalio, Stan Druckenmiller And Paul Tudor Jones Already Own Bitcoin

Ray Dalio, Stan Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones

The following interview is sponsored by 21bitcoin.app Daniel, what’s currently going wrong with our financial and monetary system? The current international fiat money system, which is centrally managed, is only 21 years older than me. It was only 50 years ago that the US went off the gold standard. As we have become increasingly aware […]

Bitcoin’s Price Fell. So…What?


This article was originally published by Beautyon on Medium. Bitcoin is a very new technology, even though the concept that it brings to life is decades old. The double-spending problem has been solved; this means that it is possible to use a digital certificate to stand in the place of money and be sure that […]

Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Released With New Bitcoin Privacy Features

Wasabi Wallet 2 0 press release

Wasabi Wallet released its new version 2.0 and promises a better user interface, cheaper cost for bitcoin privacy and many new features. Like its predecessor, Wasabi Wallet 2.0  is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for desktop, that implements trustless WabiSabi coinjoin over the Tor anonymity network. This newest iteration promises more privacy at less […]

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin now on Bitcoin News Youtube channel

The great reset and the rise of bitcoin

The bitcoin documentary film “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” can now be watched on the Bitcoin News Youtube channel. We are proud to present “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” to our readers and followers. Director and producer Pierre Corbin has shared detailed background information with Bitcoin News already in […]

New hardware wallet lets you store your Bitcoin in credit card format

Satochip Hardware Wallet

This article is sponsored by Satochip. Satochip values free media and supports independent journalism. A Belgian hardware wallet manufacturer is looking to combine the convenience and feel of a credit card with the power of Bitcoin. The chipcard allows users to gift, store, and secure bitcoin. A Closer Look at the Satochip hardware wallet The […]

New Book Debunks Central Banking

Saifedean Ammous The Fiat Standard

Saifedean Ammous, author of “The Bitcoin Standard”, goes in detail how the central bank destroys the planet with his next book. The new bestseller with the title “The Fiat Standard” is taking the bitcoin community by storm. The Fiat Standard is Saifedean Ammous’s attempt to explain the technology behind the current analog global monetary system. […]

Bitcoin Whitepaper

Every day is a good day to read the bitcoin whitepaper. Why should you read the bitcoin whitepaper? The bitcoin whitepaper is where everything started. Bitcoin came into existence through the whitepaper that outlined how the bitcoin network could operate. The whitepaper gives specific technical instructions how the bitcoin protocol works and what roles the […]

37 Million Satoshis Earned On Lightning Freelance Platform Microlancer

37 Million Satoshis Earned On Lightning Freelance Platform Microlancer

Microlancer records 37 Million Satoshis in business through its freelancing platform. Microlancer.io is a platform that frees up clients and freelancers by removing the constraint of money bound by geography and banking restrictions. Instead of making askers and taskers lose money to their banks’ fees for small and frequent microtransactions, the freelance platform uses Bitcoin satoshis, […]

Petition to Free Ross Ulbricht reaches 500.000 Signatures

Free Ross Ulbricht

A petition titled “Clemency for Ross Ulbricht, Serving Double Life for a Website” is about to reach 500.000 signatures. The petitiion, directed at the President of the United States was started by Ross mother Lyn Ulbricht. “There is a strong, bipartisan consensus that Ross’s case is a miscarriage of justice. Over 250 organizations, eminent individuals […]

Despite the Crash, Bitcoin has a bright future 

Dominik Frisby Bitcoin

This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on Moneyweek. “Cryptocurrencies” have crashed hard, with Bitcoin down by more than 50% from its peak. But, says Dominic Frisby, Bitcoin still has a future – it is the ideal money for the internet era. You might call it the cable that changed history.  In the mid-19th […]