Risks And Benefits Of Mixing Bitcoin

Risks of CoinJoin

As the use of bitcoin for savings and payments continues to grow, users are looking for ways to protect their financial privacy. But what are the risks and benefits of mixing Bitcoin? In this article we take a brief look into bitcoin mixing and discuss the risks and benefits. There are many different techniques that […]

Green Energy Isn’t Always So Green

fake green energy dominic frisby

This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on MoneyWeek A green power initiative on the Galapagos Islands demonstrates how the renewable energy transition will need to be supported by fossil fuels for some time to come. Today’s missive comes to you from the remote Galapagos Islands out in the eastern Pacific, where two stories […]

How to Play 3D Chess

3D chess

This article was originally published by James Corbett on corbettreport.com It’s a ridiculous, no good, stupid, rotten meme. You know the idea that every horrible move that Precedent Trump ever made (like appointing John Bolton or launching Operation Warp Speed) was actually some super complicated three-dimensional chess move intended to accomplish the exact opposite of what he […]

Bitcoin, Paypal, And The Weaponisation Of Money

police paypal

This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on Moneyweek. The weaponisation of money makes a strong case for buying bitcoin. Recent events have shown how both business and governments can “weaponise” money and shut down dissent. What to do? Buy bitcoin, says Dominic Frisby. Bitcoin was built in reaction to all the money printing that went on […]

Wasabi Wallet’s Coinjoining Now Works For Amounts Up To 43,000 Bitcoin


Wasabi Wallet, the privacy focused bitcoin wallet, has just announced its latest release. The upgrade brings good news for bitcoin whales as the wallet now supports coinjoining for amounts up to 43,000 Bitcoin. Do you have spare bitcoins laying around and you’d like to enhance your privacy? If you are blessed and own a few […]

Mi Primer Bitcoin: 10,000 Students Received Diplomas In 2022

bitcoin financial education

This article was originally published by Mi Primer Bitcoin on medium.com Mi Primer Bitcoin (My First Bitcoin) has grown so aggressively this year that it’s almost hard to believe sometimes. When the year 2022 began, we were proud of teaching 400 students in all of 2021 — all via a 90-minute introduction class. Now, there […]

After The FTX Fraud, It’s Time to Be Even More Bullish on Bitcoin

SBF Jail Bitcoin

When the Securities and Exchange Commission announced charges against FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried this week, it ended a nearly 2-month-long drama. This article was originally published by Yael Ossowski on DCjournal.com Bankman-Fried’s unethical business setup between his hedge fund Alameda Research and crypto exchange FTX (including the 130 related companies now in bankruptcy) were enough of a […]

Earn $100 For Bitcoin Articles And Cartoons

Wasabi Article reward

Wasabi Wallet, the privacy enhancing bitcoin software wallet has launched the ‘Wasabi Wallet contribution games’ and rewards articles and comics with $100 paid in Bitcoin. “Stack sats for doing what you love, contribution games have always been an integral part of Wasabi Wallet. Since its inception, individuals have been rewarded for facilitating the software’s development […]

530% Faster Block Download With MyNode Model Two

Mynode model two faster

Mynode has just launched its newest product, the Model Two hardware bitcoin node. With 530% faster initial block download compared to model one, this new home node breaks all records. This state-of-the-art device is specifically designed to make it easy for users to set up their own bitcoin node and help secure the network. One […]

Alameda Received Over $36 Billion USDT From Tether

SBF Tether Scandal

This article was originally published by Dirty Bubble Media on Substack Fraud, money laundering, and corruption on a global scale, yet regulators seem asleep at the wheel. This has happened before… “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.” As the FTX-Alameda criminal enterprise continues to unwind, onlookers have been treated to an ever-more-shocking […]