Real Estate Or Bitcoin, What’s The Better Trade?

Bitcoin vs Real Estate

Trading real estate for bitcoin and vice versa is becoming more common. More and more property developers are starting to accept bitcoin, bitcoin-backed mortgage companies are starting up, and individual transactions are rising. But what are the pitfalls and opportunities for both sides? Let’s take a closer look. Nestled about halfway down on the south side […]

Buckle up, the first week of May was a roller coaster for Bitcoin

bitcoin week recap

The month of May kicked off with some significant Bitcoin Price fluctuations. The week ended with BTC trading near the $34,000 USD mark, close to this year’s previous low price of approximately $33,000 USD in January. Bitcoin Twitter is celebrating the cheap price for Sats. Uncertainty is around, but not doubt: Perhaps part of the […]

Pierre Poilivere Wants to be Canada’s Bitcoin Prime Minister

Canadian candidate for prime minister Pierre Poilivere has been an active promoter of Bitcoin and Lightning. Could he bring bitcoin adoption in Canada forward if his campaign succeeds? There’s a hole in our bucket, according to Pierre Poilivere. The Canadian politician explained the effects of inflation during a podcast interview earlier this year by saying, […]