How CoinJoin Improves Your Bitcoin Privacy

Gregory Maxwell CoinJoin

Ask the man in the street about Bitcoin and he might respond, “Isn’t that for criminals?”. This common misunderstanding persists despite Bitcoin’s open ledger, where on-chain transactions are for all to see. Although Bitcoin transactions are private, maintaining anonymity is increasingly difficult. A Bitcoin wallet address, pseudonymous by nature, can be linked to personal information […]

The Global Meltdown Of The Financial System Is Bitcoin’s Time To Shine

fiat meltdown bitcoin shine

In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto provided a hint as to the motive for Bitcoin. Embedded in the genesis block was the now famous Times headline, “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”. On Tuesday the 27th of September the headline could have been copy/pasted as the Bank of England pledged billions of pounds to […]

“Don’t call me Shirley” A Bitcoiner In The World Of Altcoins

Don't Call Me Shirley- A Bitcoiner Braves The World Of Altcoins

I have always drawn a thick black line between Bitcoin and what some might call “other cryptocurrencies.” Although not a Maximalist (I hold altcoins and see some potential in a few projects), the original inception and network effect of Bitcoin have always put it in a different class for me.

How Bitcoin Became Money

How Bitcoin Became Money

The unique mathematical properties of Bitcoin make it uniform from the first time it was used as a medium of exchange; it comes pre-marked, pre-stamped. Because it is standard in and of itself, Bitcoin became money on Bitcoin Pizza Day, when it was first used as a medium of exchange.

A Bitcoiner’s View Of The Merge

A Bitcoiner's View Of The Merge

As true Bitcoiners, we are prone to view other cryptocurrencies with a mix of disdain and indifference; a condescending “well, that’s quite nice what you’re doing there…”, along with with a ruffle of the young scamps’ hair before turning again to The One True Altar of 21 million. This attitude, which has come to be […]