Memes Are Truth Bombs, But Can They Be Divine?

Memes The Divine Truth Bombs

In a world full of lies, where do we look for truth? If we can’t trust science, politicians, the news, and search algorithms, how do we get to the bottom of things? In a post-truth world, where we are alone, without moral traditions, and without ancestors to guide the way, how do we develop a […]

How to Mine Bitcoin at Home: A Simple Guide

mine bitcoin at home

So you’re thinking about taking the plunge into Bitcoin Mining. But where do you start?  Look no further my friend, by the end of this guide, you will be well on your way to mining like a true Bitcoin pleb. This article is sponsored by – Save 4% on all products with the code […]

Bitcoin sees volatility as inflation hits 40 year high

inflation hits 40 year high

Bitcoin(BTC) traded down to $38,600 on today’s CPI print. Inflation, measured by CPI, came in at 7.9% last month, an increase of 0.4% from January.  Inflation is currently running at its highest level since 1980. It’s a structural issue in our economy, but it’s been exacerbated by COVID and the recent conflict in Ukraine.  Inflation […]

Jack Dorsey is building a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

jack dorsey hardware wallet

The Bitcoin community has been patiently watching as Jack Dorsey develops Bitcoin infrastructure at his parent company Block(SQ), formerly known as Square.  Block has already been attacking the Bitcoin space. They’re working on a decentralized exchange, launched their Lightning Development Kit(LDK), and have integrated Lightning with CashApp. But can Dorsey deliver a compelling hardware product […]

Are the Masses ready for Bitcoin?

bitcoin mass adoption

It’s a beautiful Monday morning. After waking up, you drive to your favorite local coffee shop and order a delicious iced black coffee and a chocolate croissant. You wait patiently while the masked barista prepares your coffee, checking your Twitter account to pass the time. Upon opening the app, you realize your account has been […]

Defi on Bitcoin: The Obvious Bet?

Is Decentralized Finance Decentralized? The idea of ‘decentralized finance’ or defi, has hooked itself deep into the minds of crypto-bros and tech investors everywhere. But is ‘defi’ really decentralized? Is it a true revolution, or just another VC-backed exit liquidity scam that preys on retail noobs? If you’re a Bitcoiner, you understand that no layer-one […]

The Spiritual Implications of Bitcoin

“The quality of a society is directly correlated to the quality of its money.” -Mike Maloney.  In order for humanity to make the leap from a type-zero civilization to a type-one civilization, we need massive cooperation on a planetary scale. In my opinion, this type of cooperation can only come from the divine realization that […]

Jack Dorsey Mining Bitcoin “Hydropowered Solo”

Jack Dorsey Mining

Jack Dorsey, esteemed ex-CEO of Twitter, is mining bitcoin in his home.  On January 25th, Dorsey tweeted this video. It seems Dorsey has been using his time wisely since leaving Twitter. But what compelled him to fire up a miner of his own? During an interview at MicroStrategy’s recent event, “Bitcoin for Corporations”, Dorsey explained […]

Canadian Truckers Use Bitcoin Crowdfunding To Fuel Freedom Protest

Canadian Truckers Bitcoin Freedom

HONK HONK! Canadian truckers have had enough and Bitcoin is here for them. The draconian mandates imposed on them by their government have simply gone too far, and people are taking a stand for freedom.  The Canadian Freedom Convoy began on January 22nd. It consists of 50,000-80,000 truckers who drove from Vancouver to the nation’s […]

Michael Saylor: “Meta Should Adopt Bitcoin”

Michael Saylor, Bitcoin evangelist and CEO of MicroStrategy, believes that Meta(Facebook) should integrate Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Meta recently announced that they’re moving away from the crypto space. Was this a mistake? In a recent interview, Saylor responded to this decision, saying, “Their problem was not getting into the crypto space(…), if they were […]