BitcoinDay National Tour Hits Naples, Florida

Tampa Bitcoin Day

BitcoinDay, a national event tour, have pitched their tents in Tampa, Florida, for a gathering of international Bitcoiners. The conference style event will be held on January 21st, with the purpose to educate and explore solutions how to advance the adoption of Bitcoin. BitcoinDay is ought to deliver a pristine lineup of speakers and expert […]

Why 2023 Will Be Great For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Outlook

An interesting year is ending and an interesting year is ahead of us. Let’s take a look back, reflect, and perhaps place some bets on the future? Whether you enjoyed 2022 or not, you should’ve been entertained at least. As Bitcoiners, the political drama in the clown world bothers us little. We just see opportunity […]

Lightsats Takes Home 100 Million Sats In ‘Legends of Lightning’ Tournament

LightSats Tournament

Lightsats, a startup focused on making bitcoin gifting easier, scored 100 million sats in legends of lightning tournament. The project has been brought to life just weeks before the ‘Legends of Lightning’ tournament was announced. The project founders are Roland a.k.a. @rolznz, Juan Gomez, a bitcoin and Lightning enthusiast from Colombia and Rene Aaron, a […]

Paxful Removes Ethereum From Platform

Paxul removes Ethereum

Paxful, one of the largest peer-to-peer exchange platforms, has announced that it will be removing Ethereum from its marketplace. In a statement, the company’s founder, Ray Youssef, said that although revenue is important, the company values integrity above all else. Paxful, which allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin using a variety of payment methods, […]

Max Keiser Wants To ‘Hide’ 10 Bitcoins In El Salvador

max keiser bitcoin drop

Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser is considering to hide 10 Bitcoin “somewhere in El Salvador” to sponsor a public treasure hunt. If the stunt would go viral, even more ‘bitcoin tourists’ could potentially visit the Bitcoin country. Forget hunger games, here come the prosperity games. Prosperity and property instead of misery and communism. Surely, finding one […]

Pacific Bitcoin Announces Exclusive Art Exhibition And Auction

bob ross bitcoin art auction

The Pacific Bitcoin conference in Los Angeles has just announced its partnership with Bitcoin auction platform Scarce.City. In a collaborative effort, bitcoin artworks will be displayed at the event and auctioned thereafter. The auction will start on Thursday 10th November at 10am pacific time, bids can only be placed with Bitcoin. Pacific Bitcoin is the […]

Max Keiser And ‘Adopting Bitcoin’ Back In El Salvador

max keiser adopting bitcoin

El Salvador will be once again venue of choice for ‘Adopting Bitcoin‘. From November 15th to 17th the conference will gather international speakers, experts, business and the local bitcoin community. Max Keiser, bitcoin advocate since 2011 is confirmed as a headline speaker. Keiser who has setup a venture fund in El Salvador has long been […]

Record Of 3,000 Lightning Payments At Largest German-Speaking Bitcoin Conference

btc22 lightningtransactions 3000

Over 3,000 payments via the Lightning Network were registered at the largest German-speaking Bitcoin conference “Die Bitcoin Konferenz” according to Swiss payment processing startup Lipa. The conference attracted over 800 attendees and the stage hosted renown speakers such as Michael Saylor, Saifedean Ammous, Rahim Taghizadegan, Nikol Jilch and Ijoma Mangold. As a venue, the organizers […]

Tap, Ka-Ching: How Lightning NFC Cards Take Over Bitcoin Payments

satoshstore nfc card

Bitcoin NFC Cards are taking over the bitcoin community by storm. The new technology allows to make contact less payments similar to credit cards. If you are a bitcoin user you have probably experienced the inconvenience of scanning a QR code and it just didn’t work. You try to scan the QR code but the […]

Banks Need Bitcoin To Survive

german Banks bitcoin

According to Peter Rochel, German management consultant and keynote speaker at the Bitcoin Konferenz in Innsbruck, Austria, banks are underestimating the impact of bitcoin. “Decision-makers among banks do not understand the impact of bitcoin adoption on the business model of banks. A misjudgment with fatal consequences.” Since 2019, Rochel has been investigating the causal mechanisms […]