Jack Dorsey Kills Web3, Announces Web5

Jack Dorsey web5

Jack Dorsey, the famous web developer and entrepreneur known for being one of the co-founders of Twitter, has recently announced the launch of “Web5”. What is Web5? Web5 is a new platform developed by The Block Head, one of the bitcoin business units belonging to Dorsey’s Block (formerly known as Square). Dorsey’s announcement was made […]

Lightning Network Capacity Up 150% Kraken Intelligence Report Reveals

lightning network growth 150

A new report issued by Kraken Intelligence has analyzed the growth of the Lighting Network. The report reveals that during the past year, the network capacity has expanded 150%. As bitcoin’s global adoption grows, its use as a medium of exchange also increases. In Kraken Intelligence’s latest report, The Lightning Network: Bitcoin Evolution to Medium […]

Bukele Against The Gangs – Bitcoin President Sends 36,000 Criminals To Jail

The president of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has declared victory in the war against Salvadoran gangs.  During his annual speech in Congress, he announced how gang violence will end and homicide rates will drop. The same speech he used to mark his third year in power. He emphasized that he is on […]

Bank Of America: More People Plan To Buy Bitcoin In 2022

bank of america

A recent Bank Of America survey concludes that 90% of respondents plan to buy bitcoin by 2022. Bitcoin is still in its early days when we look at the adoption around the world. But according to a new that was conducted by Bank Of America, it is seen as an investment opportunity the vast majority […]

Bitcoin ATM Installations Surge Around The World

Bitcoin ATM global adoption

Bitcoin ATM installations have fallen 89% worldwide in 2022, only to make a swift recovery in June, where it reversed a downward trajectory of five consecutive months.  May saw its lowest number of installations ever, 205 ATMs. June saw more than 882 installations in the first half of the month alone. Looking at the bigger […]

Jack Dorsey And Jay-Z Launch Bitcoin Education Academy

Jay z jack dorsey

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Block, announced he had teamed up with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z to bring bitcoin and financial education to the rapper’s childhood home. Dorsey announced the launch of Bitcoin Academy in partnership with investor and rap legend Shawn Corey Carter (better known under his artist name Jay-Z). Bitcoin Academy aims to provide a […]

Riksbank, Sweden’s Central Bank, Wants To Ban Bitcoin

riksbank sweden ban bitcoin mining

The Central Bank of Sweden has suggested to ban proof-of-work mining algorithms to fight energy-consuming digital currencies such as Bitcoin. It has been suggested that POW (proof-of-work) mining consumes too much energy and should be banned in favor of less energy-intensive methods. Recently, the Swedish central bank tweeted that energy consumption had increased in recent […]

South Korean Exchange CEO And Soldier Sold Military Secrets To North Korea For Bitcoin

Bitcoin North Korea

A South Korean general in charge of a bitcoin exchange was apprehended on suspicion of attempting to provide military secrets to North Korea. According to Agence France-Presse, he and his accomplice, an unidentified military captain, received bitcoin payments from a North Korean agent. According to South Korean police, this is the first time a “civilian […]

One Of Panama’s Largest Banks To Embrace Bitcoin

Panama Bank Bitcoin

The financial institution Towerbank has just declared itself “bitcoin-friendly.” Towerbank is one of the top 30 banking institutions in Panama. This bank encourages its customers to have a bitcoin-friendly account with a few simple documentation requirements. Customers need only provide the bank with the address of the wallet they intend to use and notify the […]

PayPal Finally Allows Bitcoin Transfers To External Wallets

PayPal Bitcoin

PayPal has announced that its users will now be able to transfer their money from PayPal accounts to other wallets and exchanges. This new measure is a response to the growing demand from its customers to open up to the potential of bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is an open network, any compatible bitcoin address can be […]