Morgan Stanley Bullish On El Salvador Bonds

Central bankers el salvador

Morgan Stanley has made public that El Salvador’s debt has been “excessively punished” by the markets as it’s trading at a 70% discount from the last top. The bonds could rebound 44 cents on the dollar by the end of this year. Morgan Stanley, a global leader in financial services, has recently shared that it’s […]

FTX Bails Out BlockFi With $250 Million

sam bankman fried

FTX sat on the sidelines while shitcoin lenders and DeFi Ponzis collapsed – until now.  Either that or, rumor has it, FTX was secretly involved to create an ideal situation to be able to buy out competitors at low prices.  However, there is no hard evidence for an active involvement by FTX to bring down […]

Bitfinex Donates 36 BTC To Businesses In El Salvador

El Savlador Bitcoin

The Central American country chose Bitcoin as the center of its strategy for economic revitalization in 2021. Following this, the exchange Bitfinex donated 36 bitcoin and $600,000 to small Salvadoran businesses in order to support economic development in neighborhoods that have suffered gang violence. The funds that Bitfinex donated are earmarked for distribution in the socially […]

Paraguay Senate Approves Bitcoin Law

Paraguay Bitcoin Law

Paraguay’s High Chamber recently granted half sanction to the bill that gives a regulatory framework to digital assets and bitcoin mining in the country. The adoption of bitcoin in Latin American countries continues its march by leaps and bounds, with an increasing number of governments interested in this trend. While El Salvador became the first […]

2.6T Euro In Assets BNP Paribas Launches Bitcoin Services

BNP Paribas Bitcoin

BNP Paribas, the largest banks in the eurozone, has announced it will start offering bitcoin custody services. The bank has partnered up with Metaco, a digital asset custody firm from Switzerland with experience to bridge traditional banking existing infrastructure with bitcoin. Fireblocks will host a hot wallet and provide infrastructure-based services.  The partnership of BNP […]

First Property Sold For Bitcoin In Portugal

First Property Sold for Bitcoin in Portugal

It is the first time that a real estate transaction using bitcoin has taken place in Europe. The real estate market has experienced another historic moment. In 2022 the first property was directly sold for bitcoin without the need for prior conversion to another currency. An apartment in the Portuguese city of Braga was bought […]

Zoltan Pozsar, Bretton Woods III and Bitcoin

Zoltan Pozsar, an analyst at the Swiss financial firm Credit Suisse, published a document in March anticipating frictions between commodity-producing countries and those with currencies backed by “full-faith and credit.” He predicted how a war between countries, such as Russia and Ukraine, would bring down the world monetary system as we know it today. Pozsar […]

Bitcoin Family Buying After Price Crash, Calls For 140K

Bitcoin Family is All In After Price Crash

The “Bitcoin Family” claims they lost a million dollars on their bitcoin investment since the high of the cycle last year, but sold a lot at the peak. Didi Taihuttu, the father of the family, remains optimistic. He is currently buying back bitcoin with the firm belief that the asset is bottoming out. In 2017 […]

Jack Dorsey Kills Web3, Announces Web5

Jack Dorsey web5

Jack Dorsey, the famous web developer and entrepreneur known for being one of the cofounders of Twitter, has recently announced the launch of “Web5.” What is Web5? Web5 is a new platform developed by The Block Head, one of the bitcoin business units belonging to Dorsey’s Block (formerly known as Square). Dorsey’s announcement was made […]

Lightning Network Capacity Up 150% Kraken Intelligence Report Reveals

lightning network growth 150

A new report issued by Kraken Intelligence has analyzed the growth of the Lighting Network. The report reveals that during the past year, the network capacity has expanded 150%. As bitcoin’s global adoption grows, its use as a medium of exchange also increases. In Kraken Intelligence’s latest report, The Lightning Network: Bitcoin Evolution to Medium […]