University Crypto Courses Gaining Prominence

In the most recent years of cryptocurrency growth, one particular trend observed in academia is the uptick in blockchain-related courses and increased student participation in crypto activities. It can be described as perhaps an improvement when it comes to crypto adoption, with Coinbase recently publishing a report of a survey carried out by Qriously which […]

World’s Central Banks Are Dipping into Blockchain – What’s Ahead for Fintech?

World's Central Banks Are Dipping into Blockchain

The term blockchain, or more conveniently known as distributed ledger technology (DLT) to traditional finance is increasingly becoming a popular household name in the banking sector. There may well be more than 200 investment, commercial, and Central Banks as well as other financial institutions including big names such as Bank of America, Bank of China, […]

Could Land Registry on Blockchain End Ownership Dispute Woes?

Could Land Registry on Blockchain End Ownership Dispute Woes?

In today’s world, nothing screams louder about transparency, trust, and immutability than the blockchain. Perhaps these qualities may now be considered more of a cliché on the internet, they still hold true when it comes to using the technology as irrefutable proof of ownership. The blockchain is now an inspiring landmark in estate management, as […]

Blockchain – A Game Changer for Healthcare?

Blockchain - A Game Changer for Healthcare?

Over the years, the healthcare industry has made slow progress towards integrating emerging technologies. But with the ascent of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, and surprisingly virtual reality, a unique opportunity opened up for distributed ledger technologies to provide a de facto trust infrastructure in the healthcare system and […]

Blockchain-Based Voting: Present, Future of Elections

Blockchain-Based Voting: Present, Future of Election

The election process is one of many elaborate infrastructures in politics whose current fabric has been considered by some to be one of the most demoralizing aspects of governance. Malicious actors continue to jeopardize these processes by tampering with the voting results, manipulating the masses; and alongside cases of interference from external bodies, have oftentimes […]

Stablecoins Used by Nearly All Market Participants

Even though cryptocurrency is touted to be more efficient than legacy currency systems, it appears most cryptocurrency traders can’t help but peg their trust to fiat or its digital look-alike. This assumption holds true as a report by Binance Research indicated nearly all market participants use stablecoins. Stablecoins are best known for their hedge against […]

Facebook Libra Under Fire Less than 24 hours of Whitepaper Unveiling

Facebook’s Libra project has indeed gotten the attention of the government yet again and has been requested to temporarily halt the development of the cryptocurrency – less than 24 hours of the unveiling of its white paper – until a full-scale examination of the currency has been carried out by relevant agencies. In a Tweet […]

Facebook’s Libra White Paper Claims Blockchain, Crypto After All

The highly anticipated Facebook Libra crypto project has finally been demystified, with the social media giant releasing the Libra white paper today. Conveniently touted as the platform to provide a simple global currency and financial infrastructure accessible to billions of unbanked people, the Libra project will eventually be a cryptocurrency, built on a blockchain and […]

Roubini: Nothing Crypto or Blockchain about Facebook’s GlobalCoin

In what seems like a crucial moment for the cryptocurrency industry as Facebook’s GlobalCoin project takes center stage in the media, speculation on the eventual product has spurred heated debate among spectators creating a distinctive divide. Many, especially from the cryptocurrency niche are of the opinion that the GlobalCoin is no way anything like an actual cryptocurrency. Conveniently, […]

Fundstrat Analysts Sustain Bullish Outlook on Crypto

A technical analyst from market strategy and research firm Fundstrat Global Advisors has inferred from studying the relative strength index of the cryptocurrency market that the market is open for fresh gains, and has advised investors to buy, according to reports from Bloomberg. In the recent months of uncertainty ridden by speculations and hopes for […]