Former FED Chair Ben Bernanke scared of Bitcoin and Stagflation

Ben Bernanke

Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke responded to questions about Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC that focused mostly on monetary policy, interest rates, and inflation. Speaking with Andrew Ross Sorkin in a segment that aired on Squawk Box last week, Bernake spoke a day ahead of his latest book release, which addresses Federal Reserve policy […]

Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index Drops to Lowest Levels in 14 Months

Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index Drops to Lowest Levels in 14 Months

Bitcoin’s value in USD hovers around $30,000 and is trending upward during the previous five-day period according to As the Bitcoin price seemingly begins to stabilize after last week’s sell-off, the Fear & Greed Index is now at a 12, up from 8 yesterday representing ”extreme fear.” Additionally, TradingView’s technical analysis ratings tool continues […]

Binance Admits Nazi Emoji was Embarrassing

Binance Nazi

Binance attempted to generate some publicity on Wednesday by announcing that their hashtag emojis were back! The company tweeted an updated emoji as a branded hashtag for #Binance, #BNB and #BitcoinButton. This new hashtag emoji (see image below) would appear whenever someone tweeted one of these preselected hashtags; however, users everywhere were surprised the cryptocurrency […]