President Bukele builds “Haven for Freedom” with Bitcoin

El Salvador Bitcoin President Bukele

El Salvadors President Bukele is introducing 52 legal reforms to remove regulations open up markets not only for international investments but for Freedom. “The plan is simple: as the world falls into tyranny, we’ll create a haven for freedom.” he commented in the announcement on Twitter.

Russia discusses Bitcoin regulation

The Russian Ministry of Finance announced the beginning of the development of two bills, which will last until March 18. While the Central Bank favored a complete ban, the Russian government decided to move forward with tight regulations which would address main concerns of the Central Bank, while allowing Russia to profit from holding or mining cryptocurrencies.

Bukele tells boomers to stay out – US senators introduce Bitcoin legislation

Nayib Bukele El Salvador Bitcoin

Senators introduce legislation to report on El Salvadors Bitcoin adoption. President Nayib Bukele tells boomers to stay out. The U.S. senators introduced legislation requiring a State Department report on: An analysis of El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender and the risks for cybersecurity, economic stability, and democratic governance in El Salvador. A plan […]

Trudeau activates war powers against Truckers and Bitcoiners

Justin Trudeau Greg Foss Jeff Booth

Canadian MP Trudeau activates Emergencies Act against the trucker protests and goes after Bitcoin donation campaign. Just two weeks ago Justin Trudeau described the trucker protest as a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views”, and disappeared. This week the Canadian PM returned to invoke the Emergencies Act, the most sweeping set of powers available to the […]