Commodities Soaring, Nickel Up 30%, ‘The Great Reset’ Approaches


Commodity prices skyrocketed as industrial buyers and traders hurried to acquire raw materials disrupted by the conflict in Ukraine. Nickel rose 30%, platinum touched a record, and gold broke beyond $2,000 per ounce, while oil and wheat rose to 14-year highs. Commodity markets have been jolted not just by strong Western sanctions against Russia, which […]

Richard Heart The ‘Spam King’ 

Richard Heart Hex

Richard Heart, the creator of the shitcoin scam HEX, gained the title “Spam King.” Beginning in 2000, Heart supposedly amassed a fortune through unlawful spam assaults. In 2002 Heart was sued under Washington State Law for “sending unsolicited commercial messages to Haselton that bore deceptive information such as a forged return e-mail address or misleading […]

Blockware Solutions Building 150 MW Bitcoin Mining Site in West Virginia

blockware solutions

Blockware Solutions (BWS) said on Wednesday that it will collaborate with SEVA, a climate-focused organization seeking to revitalize mine sites and economies in West Virginia, to support its solar farm initiative. In addition to West Virginia’s PJM power grid, the new mining complex will be powered by the new solar farm. In the fourth quarter […]

When it comes to crushing shitcoiners, Cory Klippsten is King

Cory Klippsten is King

Swan CEO Cory Klippsten continues his Twitter warpath exposing shitcoin-schemes and unregistered securities such as Luna/UST, Celsius, and Ethereum. The Bitcoin Only Swan Founder has called his shots as all of the shitcoins listed above and more are facing unregistered securities litigation and class action suits following the Luna debacle and scam. The Shitcoin Security […]

Christine Lagarde shrugs at rising costs and energy crisis affecting EU citizens, remains clueless that Bitcoin fixes this

lagarde inflation ppi

Despite multi-decade high inflation and an energy crisis, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde dismisses ideas of recession. Lagarde states that the European Central Bank won’t hurry into withdrawing monetary assistance as policymakers take action to limit inflation that is running at over four times their targeted 2%. “I don’t think that we’re in a […]

Bitfinex “making a big investment” into El Zonte Capital

el zonte capital

The Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has made a sizable contribution to the El Zonte Capital Hyberbitcoinization fund in El Salvador. Investors, podcasters, and OG Bitcoin dynamic duo, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert made the Bitfinex announcement Monday morning on Cafe Bitcoin. Bitfinex have made a very sizable contribution to El Zonte Capital Max and Stacy formed […]

Stephan Livera Crushes Miami Shitcoin

Miami Shitcoin

Renowned Bitcoiner, investor, and podcaster Stephen Livera calls out Miami Mayor Francis Suarez for endorsing Citycoin. Since Livera’s statement, Miami citycoin has cratered -88% in USD terms. Stephan Livera is a leader in the Bitcoin Space as the Managing Director of Swan International at Swan Bitcoin. Livera also hosts the Stephan Livera Podcast, one of […]

Bitcoin Mining Back in China after Ban

China Bans Bitcoin Mining, Becomes Second to US in Global Hashrate

China “bans” Bitcoin mining, one year later the nation’s contributions to the Bitcoin mining network are second only to the United States. According to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, China is once again a major Bitcoin miner despite a prohibition last year. To the CCAF’s Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI), China’s contribution to the […]

Ethereum is the mother asshole from which the shitcoins spring

“Ethereum is the mother asshole from which the shitcoins spring”

The acclaimed author and Austrian Economist Saifedean Ammous recently stated, “Ethereum is the mother asshole from which the shitcoins spring.” Saifedean is the author of The Bitcoin Standard and The Fiat Standard and these recent and based comments were made in an interview on the Lex Fridman Podcast. Clip: ? Full Interview: ? Etherium and […]

The Best Luna Crash Tweets and Memes

Best Luna Memes

The Luna crash has been great entertainment. At least for Bitcoiners. But it also sparked a creative battle for the best memes and tweets. We collected the best one’s for your convenience. The world has thrown a lot at us since 2020. Despite the devolution to clown world, an orange beacon of hope has bore […]