Why Everyone Should Run A Bitcoin Node To Fend Off Disaster

Why Run A Bitcoin Node

This article is brought to you by myNode – Article patronage is essential to keep bitcoinnews.com free and support independent writers and creators. We’ve all heard how Bitcoin mining can generate a passive income. But how about the passive pleasure of running a bitcoin full node? In this article we share key benefits that bitcoin […]

Bitcoin, Technology and Global Enlightenment

is bitcoin the future?

This article was originally posted on The Mindful Inquisitor. Where is technology taking us? Will robots surpass us in intelligence and replace us altogether one day? Will we combine with the machine in some symbiotic merge that creates a new super being, or are machines merely tools that will allow our more fundamental nature to […]

The Need For Bitcoin

The Need For Bitcoin

This article was originally posted on The Mindful Inquisitor. Bitcoin is a technological advancement that the world desperately needs. In this article I will aim to articulate that bitcoin solves the “money problem” and help our world in many ways. When Bitcoin was first released back in 2009, I was skeptical. Sure, I understood that […]