Bloomberg Report Shows Tether May Replace Ether at #2


Bloomberg report says stablecoins, especially Tether (USDT), will get more popular over time USDT may rise to #2 on crypto charts in the near future A new report from big media corporation Bloomberg is of the opinion that stablecoins, especially the one with the most market capitalization Tether (USDT), is likely to continue posting impressive […]

Vodafone Working on Connecting Energy Production Devices with Blockchain and IoT


Vodafone is partnering with Energy Web to work on identifying power generators around the world. Looking to map energy generation capacities, especially solar. British telecommunications giant Vodafone has announced that it is working on a project to connect billions of power producers around the world with the help of blockchain technology and Internet of Things […]

Bitcoin Miners Brace for the Halving


Bitcoin miners bracing for the halving any moment in the next hour New supply set to be reduced by half, from 12.5 Bitcoins every 10 minutes to 6.25 Bitcoin per 10 minutes. The Bitcoin mining community is preparing for the next big change in the cryptocurrency world i.e. the approaching 12 May halving. Within a […]

John McAfee Certain of Truth to Satoshi Nakamoto Identity


John McAfee’s latest publicity stunt repeats his claim that he knows fairly certainly who Satoshi Nakamoto is John McAfee, Bitcoin early adapter and eccentric billionaire has once again come out with a new extraordinary claim that he is almost sure about the identity of the cryptocurrency’s original creator who is generally known by the alias […]

Porsche Invests $6 Million in Blockchain Vehicle Management Platform


Porsche invests in a blockchain-based vehicle management company. Prominent German Luxury/performance vehicle manufacturer Porsche has invested early on a blockchain-based vehicle management platform called Gapless. The total funding acquired by Gapless is around 5.5 million EUR (6 Million USD) with Porsche becoming a part of the investment group that also includes FinLab EOS VC Fund […]

China Announces Blockchain Service with Commercial Applications


China announces the Blockchain Service Network developed by a collaboration of Huobi China, China Union Pay and China Mobile China, in an attempt to take an early lead in blockchain-based services, has announced the rollout of its first blockchain platform to cater for global commercial use called Blockchain Service Network (BSN). The public launch follows […]

Bitcoin Investors HODLing More as Halving Looms


Bitcoin users increasingly going long as halving reinvigorating HODLers. Bitcoin users are HODLing their crypto more and more as the 8 May halving looms. This trend was expected as the knowledge of a reduced supply of the world’s largest cryptocurrency is still attracting long-term positions on the price index of the cryptocurrency. #Bitcoin HODLer Net […]

1 Bitcoin Can Now Buy 700 Barrels of Crude Oil Despite No Price Increase

Crude oil

1 Bitcoin is now worth 700 barrels of crude oil Bitcoin is often criticized as a volatile asset by skeptics and critics alike, however, the latest price tank of crude oil from around 50 USD two months ago to around USD 10 USD today has seen the liquid asset being reduced to its lowest since […]

Oil Companies May Use Waste Gas for Mining

oil companies

Oil companies to use byproduct gas to make electricity for mining cryptocurrencies, helping such companies become more energy-efficient. Oil companies are looking at new and innovative ways to make use of excessive waste gas and other hydrocarbon byproducts during the drilling and oil production operations. Cryptocurrency mining can be a useful way to use waste […]

Cameron Winklevoss Urges Crypto Users to HODL Amid “Inflection Point”


Cameron Winklevoss calls for HODLing amid global economic uncertainty Inflection point expected in the near future Cameron Winklevoss, one-half of the famous Winklevoss Twins has urged Bitcoin users to HODL as well as predicting an inflection point caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. He believes that the next year is going to be crucial for the […]