BTC Inc Conference Brings Record ‘High’ Number Of Bitcoiners to Amsterdam

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The Bitcoin Amsterdam conference has gathered thousands of Bitcoiners in Amsterdam. Our correspondent Thomas Semaan shares his experience. “Bitcoin Is Making History in Amsterdam” reads the sign with bright orange color. When you’re walking along the historical Jordaan street of Amsterdam, it’s hard to overlook. The hype is real for the European version of the […]

What Are Bitcoin UTXOs – Beginner’s Guide

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What Is a Bitcoin UTXO? In Bitcoin, UTXO stands for “Unspent Transaction Output”. But what does that mean, and how does it work? In this explainer guide we will learn the basics of UTXO. Let’s get started. The best way to explain UTXO is to compare it to real life cash payments. Let’s assume you […]

I Don’t Vote, I Buy Bitcoin

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The more I grow and learn the more I start to subscribe to the good old saying “don’t talk the talk but walk the walk.” In our current age, we put so much emphasis on “oral speech.” Coming from the biggest advocate for the freedom of it, oral speech is considerably overrated. More often than […]