Can China’s Digital Yuan Outperform The U.S. Dollar?

china digital yuan vs dollar

China recently conducted tests of cross-border transactions with its new digital yuan. The dry test consisted of more than 160 payments totaling more than $22 million moved. 50,000 participants where randomly selected from countries included Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to China itself. This comes at a time when the […]

Privacy: Why Pix and FedNow are the opposite of Bitcoin

Why Pix And FedNow Are The Opposite Of Bitcoin

The US Central Bank has recently announced the launch of its new payment system, Fednow, scheduled for July 2023. FedNow is an instant, fully-digital payment service that uses the American dollar–a system reminiscent of the Brazilian PIX launched in October 2020. At first glance, this creation facilitates transactions and makes them faster since sending and […]

Expiration Date Of Digital Yuan Could Lead To Bitcoin Explosion

digital yuan expiration

The new digital yuan could make Bitcoin attractive. The absurd measure to make unused currency worthless may benefit Bitcoin. Using its prototype Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the Chinese Communist Party wants to implement an expiration system under the pretext of a “warming” of the economy. The design consists of a removal of the currency […]

Colorado To Accept Bitcoin For Tax Payments

colorado bitcoin tax

Colorado just announced taxes can be paid in Bitcoin according to a report by Axios Denver. Last Monday, the Colorado government, whose governor is Democrat Jared Polis, announced at Denver Startup Week that it will accept payment for numerous taxes with the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.  However, the payments will have to be made through a […]