The Coronavirus Pandemic Barely Slowed the Proliferation of Crypto ATMs and Now They Are Being Installed More Frequently Than Ever Before

crypto atm

The coronavirus pandemic has brought almost all sectors of the global economy to a standstill, especially physical retail businesses in areas where quarantine measures have been enacted. However, one physical retail business that is still thriving despite the ongoing pandemic is the crypto ATM industry, which is currently seeing a record high rate of new […]

The Bitcoin Hash Rate Has Mostly Recovered After Epic Halving Hash Rate Crash

Bitcoin hash rate

The Bitcoin halving has not yet led to major market movements, and indeed the digital asset has been steadily traded between USD 8,700 and USD 10,000 since the halving happened. However, the halving did cause major movements in the mining sector, starting with an epic crash in hash rate which raised speculation that the mining […]

The Rise of Stablecoins: From Zero to $10 Billion in 6 Years


The crypto space has generally been mixed lately, but one sector of the crypto space, the stablecoin industry, has been absolutely proliferating. Tether, which is the king of stablecoins, has seen its circulating supply increase by well over 100% since the beginning of 2020, from USD 4.1 billion to USD 9.2 billion. Likewise, in 2019, […]

Crypto Anonymity is Becoming Increasingly Scarce as Blockchain Forensics Advances

blockchain forensics

During the early years of the crypto space, Bitcoin was considered a highly anonymous form of currency, and indeed that is one of the primary reasons why it became so popular. However, just over a decade later, this digital asset is not considered anonymous at all. In response to this blockchain developers created cryptocurrencies which […]