The Best Luna Crash Tweets and Memes

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Best Luna Memes

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The Luna crash has been great entertainment. At least for Bitcoiners. But it also sparked a creative battle for the best memes and tweets. We collected the best one’s for your convenience.

The world has thrown a lot at us since 2020. Despite the devolution to clown world, an orange beacon of hope has bore its light upon the world.

It seems the old adage of every action leading to an equal and opposite one holds true in Bitcoin’s continued rise as resistance to the clown world cabal.

As is life, there have been highs and lows. The Bitcoiner battle and the mission can become mentally and physically taxing.

That’s why starting today in the inaugural edition of ”Bitcoin News: Meme Therapy” we aim to bring a little joy and fun education to you through the best memes on a topic each week.

This week’s topic, #DontKwan will be selections of the best memes over the ”Luna shitcoin shitstorm”, enjoy 🍻.

In case you missed it: Mike Novogratz (still) has a Luna Tattoo

To the Moon: Mr Mouihibi develops a lunatic chart analysis

George Soros on the phone, did he hack the currency? Onchain Wizard dropped a great thread

Peter Schiff still doesn’t get it🤦‍♂️ but we’ll give him a pass

According to Schiff, ”Bitcoin is a digital pyramid scheme,” and ”It doesn’t generate income—in fact, it doesn’t do anything.”

As said above, Schiff misses the mark when it comes to Bitcoin, but has it right in other areas from time to time.

Mike Alfred “Bitcoin is the money most resistant to attack. It’s anti-fragility is proven”

Preston Pysh Ponzinomics Technical Analysis

“I’m totally here for this. If you build a piece of shit on top of Bitcoin and ANYONE can attack it, they should. It would either happen today, or it’ll happen tomorrow. The weak should die and the best should thrive. Place your positions accordingly and take extreme ownership.“ —Preston Pysh

Max Keiser – Shitcoiners are Economic Terrorists

Max Keiser goes straight savage here, but what do you expect. The signature of a Bitcoin OG and media tycoon.

Also, I mean, just look at it, a picture speaks a thousand words. Don’t mess with shitcoins, that stuff will mess you up.

Dennis Porter That’s exactly what someone cratering it would say 🤔

Quite the sense-making conspiracy cotton, we’ll see how it plays out.

Also Breaking: Every “LuNaticks” wallet.

Jesse Powell googles ‘How to peg’

Derek Ross It’s a Long way down, to shitcoin Goblin Town

Der Gigi grilling Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal has been accused of promoting ponzi shemes and shitcoins many times. But this time it’s different – it’s priceless:

Bitcoin Gandalf has a great time over Crypto Rover

Sarthak Chhabra – Can Tape Fix Shitcoins, Probably Not

Cory Klippsten ”Veni. Vidi. Ponzi.”

We hope you enjoyed the meme parade. For this first episode of Meme Therapy we presented the best Luna Memes and Tweets we could find. If you have something we forgot, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter @SatsforLife

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