Many trading platforms are stuck with an identity crisis. They are either unsuccessfullyl trying to do too many things at once or can only take care of the needs of only a section of the trading community.

This leaves following conundrums for each exchange:

  1. Trading platforms that offer simplistic design and ease of use for new and inexperienced traders often leaves professional traders desiring more from the platform.
  2. Platforms that feature more professional trading tools can often leave inexperienced traders scratching their heads for a better understanding.

So, it seems that both conventional approaches have their drawbacks. Few trading platforms have easy-to-use features, simple and customizable user interface with advanced trading tools and a wide range of financial assets – digital and traditional – like PrimeXBT does. It’s one of the few trading platforms in any financial market that can genuinely claim that it is welcoming inexperienced traders, but also boasts the tools top traders demand for their successful trading strategies. PrimeXBT will even soon offer a solution that bridges the gap between the two types of traders, allowing them to profit alongside each other in an innovative and synergistic way.

Here is an outline of the most powerful features offered by the trading platform, and how they each apply differently to new and experienced traders.


Up to 500x Leverage, 100x on Crypto Assets

Leverage is a powerful tool for both new and experienced traders alike. For new traders, leverage allows them to give their initial capital a boost, multiplying their initial deposit’s trading power by a factor of 100-500x. This also means that new traders can grow their capital and profits much faster than spot trading alone.

Professional traders know that margin trading is the key to unlocking substantial profits in a short time. These traders utilize leverage to take advantage of even the smallest market movements during tight trading ranges, or use leverage to multiply the impact of a large position for the largest possible profit.

Advanced Order Types and Positions

New traders can mitigate most of the risk associated with trading, even in the most volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies, with the proper use of stop loss orders and take profit orders. PrimeXBT’s advanced order types allow these traders to maximize success while reducing risk.

Experienced traders can use these advanced order types of best plan their exits and entries, ensuring that no profit is ever left on the table. By getting the perfect entry, traders can often further minimize any risk of the market going against their position.

Customizable UI and Charting Software

To further help time entries and exits of winning or losing positions, PrimeXBT offers built-in charting software. For those new to trading, these tools are directly at their disposal without requiring a third-party platform like before. They can help users get familiar with these important tools and indicators to become more successful traders.

Those already familiar with these tools will benefit greatly from having the tools built directly into the trading platform, allowing them to place orders directly from the chart. PrimeXBT’s highly customizable UI also allows for multi-monitor support so that the most advanced traders never have to miss a second of the price action.

PrimeXBT also offers a mobile application for Android and iOS devices that includes many of the advanced features that are found on the desktop version of the site. Both new and experienced traders can stay ahead of things while on the go.

Multiple Assets, Digital and Traditional

Those new to trading can build a quite diverse trading portfolio without ever having to leave PrimeXBT. PrimeXBT offers the world’s most popular digital and forex currencies, as well as commodities, stock indices, and spot contracts for gold and silver.

More advanced traders can utilize these assets to build hedge positions across anti-correlated assets or reduce risk in their overall portfolio by trading uncorrelated assets – all under one roof.

PrimeXBT also recently lowered fees on most assets, letting new traders grow their capital faster while experienced traders can focus less on the fees, and more on winning trades.

Community and Affiliate Program

PrimeXBT is known for its robust and rapidly growing community of traders, as well as providing regular updates through their Medium and social media channels. New traders will enjoy participating in competitions and challenges, such as the recent #MyPrimeXBT contest, which tasked users with showing off their trading setups. The winners were gifted equity that was added into their accounts for additional trading.

Traders who are well known and have a strong following behind them can further monetize their personal brands by taking advantage of PrimeXBT’s four-level referral or global ambassador programs.

Covesting Fund Management Module

The best way that PrimeXBT can bring both new and experienced traders together, is through the upcoming Covesting module. The Covesting module is a large scale peer-to-peer fund management module that allows new and experienced traders to profit alongside one another to each other’s benefit.

Top traders can launch a fund, grow their rankings through executing consistently successful trading strategies, and market their funds to the greater trading community at large to entice more and more traders and investors to invest capital into their funds.

Those new to trading can eliminate the steep and costly learning curve associated with trading any financial asset. Rather than suffer losses to learn from mistakes, new traders can simply invest in a top trader’s fund, and sit back and watch the profit pile up from the top trader’s winning strategies.

Together, the two types of traders can profit together, unlocking the power of the Covesting module and further enhancing the global PrimeXBT trading community.


With the ability to take long and short positions with up to 500x leverage across so many financial assets, PrimeXBT is already a strong platform for new and experienced users. However, it’s the way that PrimeXBT manages to cater to both types to traders equally, and even offer features that help to bring the two trader categories together in a successful way, that makes PrimeXBT the very best trading platform in the financial market for both new and experienced traders alike.

Disclaimer: this is a paid-for, sponsored article. PrimeXBT is the source of this content and is responsible for the content, and the accuracy of the content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This article is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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