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Bitbull CEO: Bitcoin To Reach $100K By 2023

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In an interview with Cointelegraph today, Joe DiPasquale, the CEO of Bitbull Capital, spoke about Bitcoin’s role in the Ukraine situation and his bright outlook for the crypto markets in the next months.

Despite the dominant bearish sentiments that have characterized this year so far, DiPasquale said, “I think 2023 is a safe bet. We might need some time during 2022 to take a breath and to kind of let out some of the steam”. He described the latest price movements as higher lows and even higher highs. This, along with recent events has given him cause for optimism.

Despite all the cries of the demise of bitcoin when it fell slightly at the escalation of the Ukraine conflict, bitcoin has rallied yet again. The naysayers have gone quiet. This rebound led some to say that bitcoin may be “digital gold”. DiPasquale has a slightly different take. He sees it more as “a currency that doesn’t follow the whims of a central bank, but rather has a very finite quantity”.

The Politicization Of Bitcoin

While bitcoin itself cannot be political because it exists beyond the control of central banks, it can be politicized easily enough. Many bankers and government shills are sowing fears of “oligarchs” using bitcoin to “evade sanctions”, but DiPasquale disagrees. “Bitcoin, unlike cash, is completely traceable,” he says.

He hopes that bitcoin will be equally used on the Ukrainian side too, making it more difficult to make bitcoin appear partisan. He points out that in the early days of bitcoin, people also had fears that the technology would “harbor nefarious activity”. Since then we’ve seen “El Salvador, places in Africa, the Middle East etc. go into bitcoin as a way to have a less inflationary currency”.

“My hope though is that what we will see is a lot of Ukrainians also fleeing into bitcoin because then bitcoin is shown for its strengths… a more stable currency or a currency that increases in value rather than decreases.”

The control freaks are causing war, poverty, and strife worldwide while they try to implement their “New World Order”. They hope that people will suffer so much that they will beg them for some “solution”, the solution they already have set up and are waiting to implement.

With each new fear they create, more and more will be “fleeing into bitcoin”. Those of us already using it have found that it is a much better solution than anything they could dream up in their nightmare-riddled minds. And once the people are there, they will not be willing to go back.

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