Bitcoin casino and gaming service,, has broken stereotypes by launching a loyalty club initiative to promote a win-win rewards for its members. The loyalty program allows players to enjoy rewards each time they win or lose a game without the drawbacks of traditional deposit-based bonuses that typically require users to wager deposits many times over in the hopes of acquiring bonuses.

Bitcasino has set out to create an inclusive platform for players, regardless of their bankroll and winning status. This means players will no longer have to worry about complex bonuses or hidden requests whenever they play. Instead, rewards will be instant and paid automatically into their accounts available to be used immediately.

Amid global pressure for a more honest and transparent gaming environment for casino players, Bitcasino has become a flag bearer within the crypto casino market by completely overhauling and revamping its system. In addition, the platform has tapped into its own new initiative in becoming a latent beacon of transformation in the industry.  

Director of Casino at Bitcasino, Tauri Tiitsaar highlighted Bitcasino’s capability to shape and deliver only the best services, and has now taken a step further in delivering gaming experiences that were fun, fast and fair: 

“Bitcasino’s new loyalty program opens up the often complicated and confusing world of casino bonuses to our players, giving them the all-important insight and ability to determine their own gaming experience

The loyalty program is designed around Bitcasino players, offering them equal opportunity to engage in its strategic 7 levels, and 22 milestone rewards. 

Focusing on player experience, Bitcasino has further ensured adequate security is put in place, while players enjoy a custom-made reward system. Meaning, these rewards have no preset value and directly fall under the capabilities of the player. And since rewards equate to games played, the program will reward every single game played until the next milestone. 

These milestones are levels designed to help players unlock more pots of dynamic and customized rewards. Ordinarily, these stages are difficult and elusive to reach, however Bitcasino has ensured players will freely reach milestone targets including the highly-coveted VIP levels. Transparency means no misdirection and no confusion over how to attain higher levels and bigger rewards. 

As the first licensed Bitcoin-led casino operator, the platform is driven to effectively engage players and enable them to benefit from the games they play. 

Tauri Tiitsaar further highlights the collaborative relationship between the platform and players on achieving cross-party support, expressing pride for what the new revolutionary program allows them to achieve:

“After receiving a lot of valuable feedback regarding how we reward players over the years, we knew from the beginning of the loyalty development process it was crucial for our players to be able to take full control of their rewards.”

Bitcasino’s ongoing initiative comes with cash rebates and fiat awards in the player’s selected currency. Additionally, players can get up to 10% in rebates, earn points and instantaneous rewards alongside free spins on their favorite games

Bitcasino has come a long way from 2014 when it was first launched. The platform currently boasts over 2,000 games with further plans of expansion in the pipeline. 

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