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Bitcoin Is an Unprecedented Blend of Invention And Discovery — Michael Saylor

bitcoin invention and discovery

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In a new interview, Michael Saylor, chairman of MicroStrategy, shares a unique perspective on bitcoin’s origin, blending elements of invention and discovery. Bitcoin’s transformative impact on the financial landscape has sparked debates about its genesis. Saylor’s insights help demystify this enigma and decode the significance of bitcoin’s creation.

The Dual Nature of Bitcoin

Bitcoin represents an unprecedented decentralized digital commodity network, challenging conventional notions of currency. Saylor emphasizes that bitcoin’s genesis is a remarkable fusion of invention and discovery, setting it apart in the financial world.

The Invention Aspect

Bitcoin’s design as a decentralized network with no central issuer is a groundbreaking invention. Its viral, cybernetic, and stabilizing character differentiates it from other digital commodities. Crucially, bitcoin’s inflation-resistant model, capped at 21 million coins, distinguishes it from alternatives like dogecoin.

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The Discovery Aspect

Bitcoin’s journey from being valueless to a valuable asset is a significant discovery. Its emergence as a scarcity network without monetary value for a year and a half represents an unparalleled phenomenon in human history. This unique evolution highlights bitcoin’s distinctiveness.

The Influence of Alternatives

Considering the alternative scenarios, had dogecoin or another cryptocurrency taken the lead, bitcoin’s narrative would have been dramatically different. Its zero-inflation model and indefinite half-life contribute to its exceptional story, contrasting with inflationary counterparts.

The Ship Analogy

Saylor likens bitcoin’s creation to building ships. Bitcoin, like a sturdy steel vessel, stands out among digital commodities, while others resemble decaying wooden ships. The durability of bitcoin’s design distinguishes it from its peers.

Contributors to Bitcoin’s Genesis

Bitcoin’s creation is the result of a collaborative effort by visionary engineers like David Chaum, Adam Back, Hal Finney, and the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. They brought together diverse concepts, laying the foundation for bitcoin’s transformative system.

The Bigger Picture

Bitcoin’s discovery of absolute scarcity sets it apart from other digital commodity networks, suggesting it could surpass nations and potentially endure beyond humanity. This positions bitcoin as a significant milestone in human history.


Bitcoin’s engineering and discovery have reshaped the digital asset and finance landscape. Saylor’s insights shed light on bitcoin’s genesis as a fusion of invention and discovery. As we continue to comprehend the significance of bitcoin its profound impact on finance and technology is poised to transcend generations.

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