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Bitcoin Amsterdam Provides Free Pass for Open Source Contributors


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Bitcoin Amsterdam returns to the Netherlands in October 2023, and this year the event organizers plan to give away free passes to individuals who have contributed to specific open-source projects.

Presented by BTC Inc, the same team behind the Bitcoin Conference, in collaboration with Amsterdam Decentralized, Bitcoin Amsterdam stands as a remarkable occasion dedicated exclusively to Bitcoin in Europe.

Scheduled for October 12-14, 2023, this event builds upon the outstanding achievements of its previous year’s episode. It remains focused on its commitment to advancing worldwide hyperbitcoinization.

The event hosts renowned speakers such as Edward Snowden, Adam Back, Jimmy Song, Will Casarin, and Rene Pickhardt among many others.

By uniting the European Bitcoin community on an international platform, Bitcoin Amsterdam offers an exceptional avenue for education, interaction, and fellowship among Bitcoin enthusiasts.

This year, the event organizers announced their decision to provide free passes for contributors who have participated in specific open-source projects.

Bitcoin Amsterdam released this announcement, stating that open-source software provides individuals across the globe with empowerment, while maintaining autonomy from governmental and corporate entities that persistently try to monitor, suppress, and govern.

The announcement highlights that numerous of these initiatives operate without profit as their driving force and lack substantial financial backing. Instead, they hinge upon an expanding global community of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and effort to nurture and expand these ventures — often without monetary gain.

With Bitcoin Amsterdam we aim to facilitate the best and largest bitcoin focused event every year which is both accessible and welcoming to newcomers while remaining true to the bitcoin and open source ethos. With this mission in mind, it is clear we must support open source contributors and projects however we can.

The announcement also unveils plans to support the individuals who have contributed to listed open-source projects. As stated, contributors with commits submitted before October 1, 2023, are eligible to validate their contributions and request a complimentary three-day pass via the provided link.

Several open-source wallets have been listed including Alby, Bitcoin Beach Wallet, Blue Wallet, Breez Wallet, Electrum, Samourai Wallet, Sparrow Wallet, Specter Wallet, Wasabi Wallet, and Phoenix.

A number of Bitcoin-related utilities are also included in the list, such as Amethyst, BTCPay Server, Bitcoin Core, Electrs, Galoy, LNBits, RoboSats, RaspiBlitz, RoninDojo, and Snort.

The only hardware-related projects listed are Nodl and Seedsigner.

Core Lightning, Joinmarket, LND, ACINQ, and Nostr are among the accepted projects for Bitcoin-related frameworks.

Tor project is the sole non-Bitcoin project in the list.

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