Bitcoin, Canada and El Salvador – The Empire Strikes Back (but not too hard!)

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In the movie Dr Stangelove, Peter Sellers plays an insane wheelchair-bound former Nazi scientist now working with the US military. He has an almost constant struggle to control his right hand, which tries to make the Nazi salute. It’s hilarious to watch.

The bankers and their politicians remind me a lot of this scene. On the one hand, they want to prevent people from using bitcoin to free ourselves, but on the other hand, they use it themselves for money laundering and funding all manner of shady business.

The ruling class see the worldwide freedom convoys being funded via Bitcoin now that they have taken away all other means of support. They want to stop this from happening. At the same time, Bitcoin is really useful to them so they can’t just ban it altogether.

It’s a two-edged sword. Since El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender their economy is booming. The president is tweeting out to millions of subscribers that El Salvador’s GDP grew 10.3% in 2021. That’s their first-ever double-digit growth.

Despite efforts by mainstream media to minimize this news, alternative outlets worldwide are letting everyone know. If enough people see what cryptocurrency can do for an economy it will be game over for the bankers and their lackeys. They’ll have to get real jobs or starve!

The power brokers are in a quandary. The very tools they intend to use to further enslave us can also be used to free us. We can use them to reach previously undreamed-of heights of both physical and spiritual progress.

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