Bitcoin Cash ABC Developer Isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto After All

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Bitcoin Cash ABC developer Amaury Sechet was once again in the spotlight as he came clean on his earlier claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto and claimed that he did it to take a jab at Craig Wright and show how easy it is to attempt to impersonate Satoshi Nakamoto with no proof.

Craig Wright, the guy behind Bitcoin SV, the other fork of Bitcoin Cash, remains one of the first and most famous people to go on to claim that they were the legendary unknown computer scientist who gave us Bitcoin and blockchain.

Sechet claimed earlier that he was Satoshi himself and posted pre-existing signatures of the blockchain, just like Craig had done in his failed attempt. Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC are two rival forks of Bitcoin Cash and thus it is natural for them to be competitive and pull each other’s leg. In an interview with CCN, Sechet talked in detail about his latest move and said how his attempt was a “demonstration of what others have done”. Just like Bitcoin News predicted, his claim could be easily proven false.

Sechet said:

“So, for example, a couple years ago Craig Wright claimed to ‘prove he was Satoshi’ by simply copying some pre-existing signatures out of the blockchain and posting somewhat obfuscated instructions on verifying them. It was figured out pretty quickly, but still managed to fool a lot of people– they were too caught up in the mumbo-jumbo to think of the obvious. It was a demonstration of what other scammers have done. It takes the wind out of their sails. Craig Wright, others before him. Others will do it after.”

While Amaury may have tried to pull this off for publicity purposes and getting under the limelight, he rightly points out how easy it is to claim to be Satoshi himself and thus commit fraud. When Craig Wright did it, some people actually bought the argument. Sechet believes that once too many people have done it, the charm and the newsflash will eventually disappear.

Satoshi Nakamoto, whatever his real name may be, gave the world one valuable thing that is changing the world around us. His identity is not important. The more he remains hidden the better.


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