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Bitcoin Crashed? Do this.

bitcoin week recap

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Bitcoin crashed, but don’t focus on price, take this chance to reevaluate how you spend your time.

Reinvent yourself, better yourself, find a way to participate in something more than you. Hell, you could even write an article for BitcoinNews.Com

Or are you feeling blue because some altcoin you staked is going to zero? You aren’t alone. Thousands of investors will have to thank the likes of Mike Novagratz and Alex Machinsky for their losses. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, though, learn from this mistake. Read anything written by Lyn Alden. Find new people to follow that predicted these events

Now is the time to THINK HARDER. At least it’s better than CRY HARDER, right?

If you haven’t worked on self-custody of BTC, take the first step

Have you been to a conference or meet-up yet? There will be events held all over the country until Bitcoin 2023.

If you have Twitter, you should check out the Café Bitcoin Twitter Spaces. Spaces give you a chance to interact with veteran Bitcoiners.

Have you thought about looking for a job at a Bitcoin company? Here’s some openings. Submit your profile, companies look through them constantly.

Listen, you have to rise above the noise and find a signal. Price shouldn’t be your #1 concern because the fundamentals are still strong. If you can only think about how the price of bitcoin crashed you are probably playing with too much risk. 

Nobody will save you. You must find hope. 

Stay Humble, Stack Sats.

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