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Bitcoin Start-up 21bitcoin receives a six-figure investment to launch

21bitcoin founders daniel winklhammer Dominik Seibold

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Salzburg – 16. Mai 2022

Start-up 21bitcoin receives a six-figure investment for its launch

The start-up from Salzburg, founded in 2021, wants to make investing in Bitcoin as easy as possible. To launch its 21bitcoin app, the company is raising fresh capital from Prescreen co-founder Alexander Birke.

There are now many exchanges for cryptocurrencies, but they usually offer a very wide range of different assets and are usually aimed at experienced traders with complex user interfaces. For the two founders, Daniel Winklhammer and Dominik Seibold, this was the impetus at the end of 2019 to develop a simple and user-friendly Bitcoin-native platform, as Managing Director Winklhammer notes:

“Bitcoin is a fundamentally new way of storing and transferring value. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin does not have any founding figures or individual entities that can exercise control. No one can fundamentally change Bitcoin, and therein lies its value. In our opinion, no other cryptocurrency has these properties, which is why the majority of them lose value against BTC relatively quickly. To date, there has not been a European platform that allows the average citizen to invest in Bitcoin easily, safely and without distractions.”

Accordingly, 21bitcoin sees itself as the first European “Bitcoin-native” investment app, which aims to make investing in the cryptocurrency as easy as possible. In order to achieve this goal as quickly as possible, the start-up received a six-figure investment from Prescreen co-founder Alexander Birke for the launch. In addition to financing, Birke – who sold Prescreen to XING in 2017 – will also support the start-up operationally with product know-how and strategic advice. He sees the enormous potential of the app among others among the older generation:

“Household savings are at an all-time high of EUR 295 billion. In the current environment of escalating inflation, this capital is losing value rapidly. However, in order to be able to serve this market, solutions are required that can also be used by less tech-savvy people. For example, if grandparents want to save for their grandchildren, they can create a savings plan with the 21bitcoin app in just a few steps. The app automatically and regularly invests the desired amount in Bitcoin.”

21bitcoin would like to use the fresh capital to further develop the product and expand marketing activities. On May 18th there will be a launch event in the Strandbar Herrmann in Vienna, where interested parties can exchange ideas with the team on site. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store. If you register now, as an early adopter you will also benefit from industry-leading low fees of only 0.49%.

“Just because new platforms give users access to new asset classes doesn’t mean all consumers want to become part-time investors or traders. We have been working for over two years to offer our customers the simplest platform with the cheapest fees in Europe. To this end, we also work closely with the Austrian Financial Market Authority, with whom we have received registration as a service provider.” says Winklhammer.

CTO Dominik Seibold u. CEO Daniel Winklhammer

Investor – Alexander Birke

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