Yesterday,  Bitcoin buyers had a small defeat as the day candle closed below the price zone of $8,300-8,500. Buyers only managed to test the blue range, after that sellers aggressively pushed the price lower. Considering the volume and pace of the price movement, today buyers again will try to break through the above mentioned price range. Becouse sellers do not consider it necessary to renew the attack. Now, there is a third buyers attack within the consolidation range of $7,800-8,500 and the current attack is not so active as the previous two:

Bitcoin Technical Market Analysis 22nd October 2019

As you can see during the first attack, buyers without correction sharply with a help of a few candles tested $8,500. During the second attack, buyers needed a correction before the price mark $8,300-8,500. As a result, the price for a while fixed over $8,500.

Now, we see that Bitcoin buyers made their first correction in the range $7,800-8,000  and only after thet the price fly to the upper limit of consolidation. Considering how easily sellers repel attempts to fix at least inside $8,300-8,500 and the nature of the price movement, we can assume that the price will continue to trade in this consolidation and again fall to $7,800. However, it should be reminded that forecasting within the consolidation is very poor. It is better to wait for price to be fixed above the critical points.

If we look at the attempt of buyers to break $8,300-8,500 on a 15-minute timeframe, we see that the price was in the desired range for quite a while:

Bitcoin Technical Market Analysis 22nd October 2019

Sellers without hesitation have lowered the price and now do not even allow it to be fixed above $8,250. Therefore, at the moment the price is under the control of Bitcoin buyers. Let’s see if buyers can reverse the situation.

Marginal positions of buyers began to decrease after unsuccessful attempts to break consolidation upwards. But, so far it looks natural and without panic:

Bitcoin Technical Market Analysis 22nd October 2019

The same cannot be said of sellers who have recently sharply reduced their marginal positions:

Bitcoin Technical Market Analysis 22nd October 2019

According to the wave analysis, we have corrected the appearance of the price space where the price moving. We determined that the last consolidation wave (e) is forming now. This wave has already corrected the previous wave (d) by 50% and the critical point of it is $8,500 and Fibonacci level 0.618:

Bitcoin Technical Market Analysis 22nd October 2019

However, even this mark is broken and $9,100 is tested, Bitcoin sellers still will have the advantage in the market. Therefore, we continue to follow the price movement. Tomorrow, we will try to determine to what specific target buyers will have the strength to raise the price to $8,500 or still at $9,100? is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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