A new calculator from OnChainFX calculates the return on investment (ROI) on Bitcoin for any time since August 2011. Almost exactly 8 years ago Bitcoin was in the depths of a bear market, with the price declining 94% from USD 31.91 to USD 1.91, but since then Bitcoin is up an astonishing 377,000%.

The numbers become even more spectacular when looking back to the early days of Mt. Gox when Bitcoin briefly declined to as low as USD 0.01. The current Bitcoin price is near USD 7,200, and therefore Bitcoin is up 72 million percent in just over 9 years. This makes Bitcoin by far the most profitable asset class of the last decade.

Other impressive ROI stats are that Bitcoin is up nearly 10,000% since the brief bear market of April 2013, and it is up 3,600% since the bear market low of USD 200 in January 2015.

There have even been major gains for Bitcoin in the past year, with the cryptocurrency rising 125% from the bear market low near USD 3,200 reached in the middle of December 2018.

Therefore, although there may be some market pessimism currently associated with Bitcoin declining from USD 13,800 to USD 7,200 since June, Bitcoin remains the most profitable asset class of the past decade. If history is any indication, the current bearishness on the crypto market will probably be followed by another significant rally at some point in the future.

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