BitGive and the University of Edinburgh to Solve Third World Problems

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BitGive and the University of Edinburgh To Solve Third World Problems

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The first crypto-philanthropy network BitGive has collaborated with the University of Edinburgh for research purposes. The newly forged partnership points out great possibilities on the blockchain technology front.

The research-based collaboration aims to establish the appropriate effects of cryptocurrencies on local and international charities. Both parties are vouching for more organized and stronger charitable institutions accepting donations in crypto.

In his statement, the BitGive’s founder Connie Gallippi expressed confidence that the new partnership will help to reshape the way charitable contributions are managed and organized. He made this remark while referencing the recently launched blockchain powered GiveTrack platform in October 2017.

The GiveTrack Platform

The GiveTrack platform is the only digital assets donations tracking technology available on the blockchain. It allows individuals to trace their contributions and monitor how they are spent in real-time.

As per the firm’s report, GiveTrack platform is gaining popularity day by day. This is because of its ability to provide direct donor and receiver engagement, plus its ability to report on the charity projects’ outcome promptly. The partnership will help in fighting third-world challenges using cryptocurrencies. BitGive will analyze the data about the acceptance and feasibility of cryptocurrencies using GiveTrack platform.

According to Connie Gallippi, the most fundamental concept they have ever come up with is that of tracking digital assets meant for charities on blockchain. However, this has brought both challenges and opportunities in almost an equal measure. Partnering with the University of Edinburgh has opened the door for BitGive to maximize on the opportunities and delve on the challenges brought by GiveTrack platform.

Dr. Claudia Pagliari, a leading research partner at the University of Edinburgh, applauds BitGive for planning and delivering projects using GiveTrack platform. In her statement, she says that Connie and her team have gained important insights on how cryptocurrencies can be used to support humanitarian organizations in developing countries.

BitGive is banking on the new partnership to learn and understand complex and contextual factors marring humanitarian projects. The company hopes that the new approaches developed in the partnership will change future outcomes of such projects.

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