Blockchain Operated “FrenchDreamTowers”: A Skyscraper with Ecology at Its Heart

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Blockchain Operated "FrenchDreamTowers": A Skyscraper with Ecology at Its Heart

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Last month, French architecture firm XTU Architects partnered with Systematic and an undisclosed Chinese developer to construct a blockchain-powered skyscraper.

The proposed building, New FrenchDreamTowers, is an eco-friendly project which promises to bring the best of culture, technology, and nature together under one roof.

Forbes writes, “For thousands of years, the banks of the West Lake of Hangzhou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, have drawn poets, architects and artists alike. The grounds, dotted by pagodas, lily ponds, rockeries and wood causeways, have been said to represent the idealised fusion between humans and nature.”

The concept was influenced by Hangzhou’s architectural history of blending buildings into a natural landscape. The project would seek to continue the local tradition of harmonious urban integration with the landscape. If it materializes it would create four interconnected, energy efficient towers with an eco-friendly workable system of redirecting natural resources and cleaning polluted air.

The curved design of the four structures would reportedly redirect rain into basins located on both the roof and the floor which would then cultivate microalgae between the window panes. Flora in these areas would help to refresh the pollutants in the atmosphere.

Blockchain technology has been integrated by way of unitizing Hangzhou Gold Truffle Engineering Company’s blockchain-based network, which will reportedly manage the air quality, energy storage, and many other environmental systems that will interact between the four towers. Gold Truffle commented:

“This will be the first application of a massive internet-of-things superstructure designed to address the needs of future smart-cities.”

The building will not be simply limited to offering accommodation and is intended to create a vision of both Eastern and Western architecture, amalgamating both French and Chinese cultures, and offering the public dining, art galleries, and tech hubs in the process.

Those behind the concept see FrenchDreamTowers as a microcosm of two contrasting cultures coming together to represent something completely universal and symbolizing the breaking down of cultural barriers.


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