Brazilian Presidential Candidate Fernando Haddad Releases Future Plan on Blockchain

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Brazilian Presidential Candidate Fernando Haddad Releases Future Plan on Blockchain

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Brazil’s presidential candidate Fernando Haddad has announced that he has released his future plans for the government on blockchain. The move comes after his rival candidate Jair Bolsanaro announced his own plans for the blockchain industry a week ago. The two candidates are going to face each other in the final round of Brazilian presidential elections later this year.

Haddad, belonging to the Workers’ Party has promised that blockchain record-keeping was the only way the campaign found to disassociate the candidate from the kind of false news being spread about Haddad’s proposals. Therefore, the campaign found a partnership with Brazilian company OriginalMy earlier this week and thus their request was subsequently registered on Decred’s blockchain.

The move comes after fears that fake news attacks against politicians in the country were reaching the next levels as a recent survey by BTG Pactual pointed out. The survey reported that 47% of Brazilians used WhatsApp for political information and around 87% received fake news through it. The survey covered almost 2,000 random people in the country.

Haddad believes that his far-right rival Jair Bolsanaro is using fake news to his advantage and getting an unfair advantage. Thus, he became the first candidate in history to register his future plans and statements on the immutable blockchain technology.

Fake news is now being combatted around the world with the help of blockchain technology because of the latter’s incorruptible nature. Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular in Brazil as many leaders have come forward with their plans for blockchain adoption in the country. Former candidates Marina Silva and Joao Amoeda also announced their plans for the use of blockchain to register donations and creation of a digital government respectively before the first round of elections.

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