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Brazil’s Largest real estate developer Gafisa to adopt Bitcoin

Brazil’s Largest real estate developer Gafisa to adopt Bitcoin

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Gafisa, one of Brazil’s largest real estate developers, announces that it will accept Bitcoin as payment for property purchases.

To eliminate intermediaries conducting financial business with customers, the company joins Foxbit Exchange to innovate and join the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Gafisa understands that buying real estate with Bitcoin could be the first step to other disruptive innovations in the industry, opening the door to even greater growth in the market.

Gafisa Embracing Bitcoin

“Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in market value,” said Guilherme Benevides, CEO of Gafisa, in a press release. He added: “It is a currency that is growing in popularity every day, also expanding the possibilities of its use.”

Benevides, recognizes that there is a “natural trend” of finance towards Bitcoin. He is also aware that the Central Bank of Brazil intends to launch its central bank digital currency (CBDC) in 2022, and that the role of Bitcoin on the planet is increasingly evident.

“In addition to showing exponential appreciation, Bitcoin offers the advantage of eliminating intermediaries, lowering the financial costs of transactions that occur quickly without risk of blocking, providing a better cost-benefit ratio for trade and eliminating the risk of fraud,” reads the statement published by Foxbit.

Gafisa believes that digital payments and Bitcoin will continue to occupy an increasingly high place in emerging economies

From February 2021, Gafisa was considering accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for constructed real estate. Gafisa is a company operating in the civil construction sector, founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1954.

Bitcoin makes it easy for anyone living outside Brazil to send value anywhere quickly and securely, making it an attractive option for any real estate investor worldwide.

Although Bitcoin has not yet been officially backed by the Amazon giant’s central bank, its likelihood is growing. The entry of a public company into this ecosystem, such as Gafisa, is more proof of Bitcoin’s acceptance and adoption.

To debut the process of accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, the company chose the Flow by Gafisa project, on Rua Nestor Pestana, in the Consolação neighborhood of São Paulo.

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