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BTC Prague Review – Is the hype around Europe’s largest Bitcoin conference real?


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Joakim Book

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Last week saw the inaugural BTC Prague conference, Europe’s largest gathering of Bitcoiners. BitcoinNews had a team on site, interviewing Bitcoin celebrities and covering the lectures and panel discussions live.

For those suffering from serious FOMO at home, here’s a journey through the Bitcoin-infused weekend in Prague, delivered to you in short snippets — some of which are drawn from interviews with Giacomo Zucco, Samson Mow, and Michael Saylor by BitcoinNews reporter Ben Raich.

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Giacomo Zucco, exclusive interview:

Regulatory attacks on shitcoins and other non-bitcoin diversions are useful distractions:

Some politicians will say ‘we have to attack…stop bitcoin, but don’t stifle blockchain innovation’ — that’s bullshit: blockchain innovation doesn’t exist. Still, it could be a short-term protection because they are confused, and think blockchain innovation is anything — it’s not.

Hard times create strong men, etc:

The freedom tech will probably develop as a response to the world becoming more and more authoritarian… there are evil things coming, but the evil things will push, as a reaction, the good tools to develop; hard times driving good tools.

(Giacomo’s lecture “Ordinals are Retarded” is available via BTC Prague.)

Samson Mow, exclusive interview:

Rights are only good if you can enforce them… if your money is in bitcoin, the relationship with your government changes.

Do you see any threats to Bitcoin?

There are no threats to Bitcoin; there are threats to Bitcoiners.

Politics around the world:

As a nation-state there are only two ways you can go; you can resist bitcoin, or you can embrace bitcoin… America should adopt bitcoin and should have a Bitcoiner president.

Michael Saylor, keynote lecture and exclusive interview:

For how to distribute surplus or allocate your savings, in the world today you have a choice between “losing money fast or losing money slow.”

Trading bitcoin is a sign of lesser intellect.

Yup. Don’t trade, guys; just hold and comfortably stack.

There’s an endless economic war raging worldwide, and it’s been raging since the beginning of time and it’s going on right now. That war is over the redistribution of economic energy, and we call that wealth
no amount of hard work is going to solve the problem of being on the wrong side of that economic war… There is only one strategy here: you have to get out of that peso [or dollar… or euro… or whatever]; you have to exit.

There are three drivers of economic energy in the world: government, technology and work:

It’s sad to say that the government is an order of magnitude more powerful an economic driver than technology, and technology is an order of magnitude more powerful than your work…
Money is a way to store your economic energy and not have it stolen from you by the government [or] by a bad investment decision. Perfect money is in fact the solution to all your problems.

Matthew Mezinskis, lecture and panel discussion:

It is not well understood how much the Nazis used gold during their occupations. The first thing they did is go for the gold:

If you put all your gold in one place, bad things happen when tyranny comes.

Global money supply:

World population growth has been much slower than base money growth… As a society, we grow much slower than they grow the cash.

Erik Dale, lecture

BTC is the FU money that Europe needs.


is a tool that we literally interpret as ‘exit’… it’s the alarm clock that says ‘wake the fuck up’.

Early bird ticket for next year’s conference are available for the bargain that is €190. Bookmark June 14-15, 2024 in Prague.

The BitcoinNews team.

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