Canadian court tries to shut down Bitcoin wallet

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Andy Savage

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New Technology Baffles Geriatric Judges!

The Canadian “authorities” are showing their ignorance again. First they tried to “freeze” Freedom Convoy bitcoin addresses. Now a Canadian Court is trying to force a wallet provider to give up data on users of their software. Data they obviously do not have because they only make software. It looks like the court believes bitcoin users are customers, like in a bank.

Nunchuk is a non-Canadian, non-custodial bitcoin wallet provider. The injunction ordered them to assist in a massive financial dragnet operation. It’s hard to imagine what’s going on in the heads of those who believe they are in charge! Here’s the injunction and Nunchuk’s scathing response, well worth reading:

Yesterday, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice sent us a Mareva Injunction, ordering us to freeze and disclose information about the assets involved in the #FreedomConvoy2022 movement.

Here is our official response.

We’re seeing the end of the age of the authoritarians. As they thrash around they will do some damage. But, as Spanish anarchist Durrutti, said. “We should not be in the least afraid of ruins. They may blast and lay bare this world before they go but we carry a new world here in our hearts, and this world is growing as we speak”.

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