FATF to Enforce Time Restriction on Exchanges’ Customer Information

FATF To Enforce Time Restriction on Exchanges' Customer Information

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), who met last week for another round of talks to decide on new AML steps, is to bring in a time restriction for crypto exchanges on data sharing. The FATF has set a time limit of 12 months during which time exchanges must share user and sender information with “beneficiary institutions”. The new data …

Kaspersky Report: 19% of Global Population Bought Crypto Pre-2019


The Kaspersky Cryptocurrency Report 2019 released this month claims that 19% of people globally have purchased cryptocurrency. The claim is based on a survey conducted in October and November last year in which the results from 13,434 respondents in 22 countries were analyzed. Although these results are no way a reflection of the global population, they do indicate that more people …

IEOs, ICOs, Whatever the Name, Regulation is the Issue

IEOs, ICOs, Whatever the Name, Regulation is the Issue (1)

With Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) gaining in popularity, industry experts have been suggesting that their uncertain regulatory status doesn’t necessarily mark an improvement as a way of generating new capital. An IEO is conducted via a cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), an IEO is administered by a crypto exchange on behalf of the startup that seeks to raise …

Washington Lawmakers Call to Spoil Party on Facebook’s Crypto Aspirations

Washington Lawmakers Call to Spoil Party on Facebook's Crypto Aspirations

New plans from Facebook to enter crypto space appear to be infuriating a group of Washington lawmakers who fear the media giant is cutting loose without regards to regulation. The comments floating around Capitol Hill seem to be led by House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters who just wants to put the skids on the development of Facebook’s Libra …

Dysfunctional States And State Crypto

Dysfunctional States And State Crypto (1)

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has said that cryptocurrency will never replace a government’s sovereign currency. Le Maire’s comments were made in the light of growing concerns by regulators over Facebook’s intended launch of its own cryptocurrency in 2020. Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of England also said that the new digital currency will be under scrutiny to ensure it …

Facebook Unveils Digital Wallet Service ‘Calibra’

Facebook Unveils Digital Wallet Service 'Calibra'

Facebook has left no stone unturned to make the most awaited crypto project, Libra, a success. The company officially announced a digital wallet service namely Calibra to take off in 2020. Calibra is a subsidiary of Facebook that will help loop people into the Libra network and would perhaps serve as a stream to generate more revenue along the course …

Facebook’s Libra White Paper Claims Blockchain, Crypto After All

Facebook's Libra White Paper Claims Blockchain, Crypto After All

The highly anticipated Facebook Libra crypto project has finally been demystified, with the social media giant releasing the Libra white paper today. Conveniently touted as the platform to provide a simple global currency and financial infrastructure accessible to billions of unbanked people, the Libra project will eventually be a cryptocurrency, built on a blockchain and having properties sampled from both …

Roubini: Nothing Crypto or Blockchain about Facebook’s GlobalCoin

Roubini: Nothing Crypto or Blockchain about Facebook's GlobalCoin

In what seems like a crucial moment for the cryptocurrency industry as Facebook’s GlobalCoin project takes center stage in the media, speculation on the eventual product has spurred heated debate among spectators creating a distinctive divide. Many, especially from the cryptocurrency niche are of the opinion that the GlobalCoin is no way anything like an actual cryptocurrency. Conveniently, another controversial element who shares …

Can Facebook’s Latest Project Re-Invigorate the Crypto Space?

Can Facebook's Latest Project Re-Invigorate the Crypto Space_

With Facebook about to enter the cryptocurrency arena, the industry is awash with opinions about how exactly the arrival of the much-discussed coin will impact on all aspects of the digital currency market, and whether these impacts will be negative, positive or a mixture of both. Facebook’s original vision, created by a small group of enthusiastic students, was pretty profound. …

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