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Ethereum Tokens Surge on Coinbase Announcement of ERC20 Token Support

Ethereum Tokens Surge on Coinbase Announcement of ERC20 Token Support

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it will be adding support for ERC20 tokens “in the coming months”, prompting a slight price rise across the board for ERC20 assets in trading markets. The first step will involve its “Custody” team in a process to evaluate a set of ERC20 assets to support for withdrawal and deposits. Having identified them, it …

Litecoin Payment Merchant LitePay to Cease Operations

Litecoin Payment Merchant LitePay to Cease Operations

After roughly a month of being in business, merchant processing platform LitePay from the Litecoin Foundation has abruptly ceased operations, having officially begun on 1 February 2018. Internal disputes With just over a month of operations and little to zero functional integration, the announcement still came as quite of a surprise; Keith Yong, director of operations, wrote a statement on the Litecoin Foundation …

Venezuela’s Petro Token Faces Allegations of Falsified Records

The controversial state-backed cryptocurrency of Venezuela, El Petro token, has met further contention after allegedly holding falsified records regarding the initial coin offering (ICO). Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro reported USD 5 billion raised during the event, but both CCN and Criptomoedas Fácil report a discrepancy in the total reported and the amount possible to be raised according to the information on the whitepaper. The …

Snowden Leaks Indicate NSA Spies on Blockchain

Leaked documents point towards a controversial move by the American NSA (National Security Agency) in monitoring blockchain activity, hinting at the importance placed by the government there on Bitcoin and other blockchain assets. Snowden leaks have shown the blockchain community that surveillance remains at the top of US agenda. It hardly comes as a surprise to most, understanding that governments do …

Blockchain Technologies Fueling Video Games and Consoles That Can Create Profit for Players

PlayTable from Blok.Party is the world’s first Blockchain gaming console that looks close to an all-in-one tabletop gaming console with the capacity to play a diverse array of video games on its system. It’s an Android touchscreen console, powered by the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes the toys-to-life genre to significant effect. Toys-to-life is a genre where players use real-life figurines …

Blockchain For the Future, A Brave New World

Blockchain For the Future, A Brave New World

The future of all technology is in sight, the blockchain revolution, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. Anybody watching this space knows that it is growing at an exponential rate. The boundaries of technology are being pushed on a daily basis. Token generation events are going live on a regular basis. What is it about these technologies that catches the eye …

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