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4000 New Bitcoin ATM’s for Argentina Follows Global Trend

US ATM distributor, Odyssey Group, has announced that it has pre-agreements to install 4000 Cryptocurrency ATMs throughout Argentina, after an easing of regulations by the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) The new laws enable the installation of ATMs, of any kind, to be installed in supermarkets, shopping malls, and cinemas. Until now, operating licenses have only been issued to Argentinian …

Legal Pathway for ICOs Sought by US Regulators

Legal Pathway for ICOs Sought by US Regulators

According to Robert Jackson, a commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a solution is needed to facilitate the launching of ICOs within current US securities law. Speaking to CNBC’s Squawk Box on Monday, Jackson voiced current SEC concerns regarding the need to address ICO fraud, but suggested a legal method for raising cryptocurrency funds might be possible: “Investors are …

Sony to Combat Piracy with Blockchain


Sony the Japanese technology company, made an application on Thursday for a patent for a blockchain system to store digital rights data.  Digital rights management (DRM) systems, restrict access to copyright-protected content to those who have the permissions, this is often via a paid service or purchased copy. Customer identification could be stored on the blockchain, which could be used …

Canada Ranks With The Best As Blockchain Nation

Canada is fast becoming a world leader in embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology behind the US and the UK. Due to provincial research and development, low energy costs, high-speed internet and internal regulation, Canada, home of Ethereum, has become an established global leader in blockchain innovation. Ethereum blockchain technology is now used around the world with a wide variety of applications …

Blockchain The Way To a Cashless Economy Says Ex Fed Vice President

Former US Federal Reserve executive Rod Garratt says that a cashless economy in the US could be possible with the further development of blockchain Rod Garratt is currently Professor of Economics, University of California Santa Barbera Cryptocurrencies and Global Monetary Policy, and was a research advisor for the Bank of England, and a Vice President of The Federal Bank of …

Regulation Race Won’t Solve Crypto Fraud Says US Congressman

North Carolinian Congressman Patrick McHenry has commented recently that the race to pass legislation for the cryptocurrency industry is simply an example of policymakers doing “something” rather than “nothing.” Mc Henry, an outspoken member of the North Carolina House of Representatives, commented to CoinDesk on Tuesday, suggesting that the cryptocurrency space was being subjected to “the hype of Bitcoin” and …

North America Cryptocurrency News Roundup 19-26 April 2018

Bitcoin news crypto currency weekly roundup North America

Welcome to another cryptocurrency news roundup. This week we will present the latest news from across the world country by country. Next is North America. Canada Cloud Computing Company SalesForce is Among 12 New Members to Join Blockchain Research Institute in Canada Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) based in Canada has recently announced that it has added 12 new organizations as …

Febraban, 126 Member Banking Coalition In Brazil Test Blockchain Technology

Febraban, 126 Member Banking Coalition In Brazil Test Blockchain Technology

Febraban, the Brazilian Federation of Banks with 126 associated members, has published tests of their research into blockchain technology. The practices have been carried out since 2016, on several platforms including Corda, an initiative developed by global banking consortium R3. Proof of concept has been focused on most heavily throughout the research. Proof of Concept Febraban report that they were involved with …

Arizona House Committee Pass Bill Allowing Taxes Be Payed In Crypto

Arizona House Committee Pass Bill Allowing Taxes To Be Paid In Crypto

The Rules Committee of the Arizona House of Representatives has passed a bill that allows residents of the state to use cryptocurrencies in making tax payments. Public records dated 23 April indicates that the bill, SB 1091, passed the first of three required readings at the Arizona State Senate on Feb. 8, followed by approval from the House Ways and Means Committee …

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