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Japan’s Financial Services Agency Hits Exchanges with Unexpected Inspections

Amidst a sudden drop in cryptocurrency prices at mid-week, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) reported that they had carried out a surprise inspection of two Japanese exchanges. Bitcoin dropped 2.25% to USD 5,409.4 by 12:46 PM ET (04:46 GMT), after rising to a one-month high at USD 5,586.3 in the mid-week. The drop-in prices pushed the crypto market cap down …

Malaysia to Build 835-Acre Blockchain City

Malaysia to Build 835-Acre Blockchain City

A new massive blockchain project called Melaka Straits City is planned for Malaysia with fundraising of USD 120 million needed in its initial stage. The idea is to make the blockchain city not only functional for a range of business enterprises and educational services, but also a major tourist attraction with the Ministry of Tourism of China predicting that 3 …

Update: Thai Navy End Bitcoin Couple’s Sea Adventure

Update_ Thai Navy End Bitcoin Couple’s Sea Adventure

The offshore seastead built off the Phuket coast by Bitcoiners Chad Elwartowski and girlfriend Supranee Thepdet has now been removed by the Thai Navy. Three naval boats were dispatched to the offshore mini homestead over the weekend to dismantle and remove the 20ft structure which has been the couple’s sea home for three months. The couple had constructed a platform …

Asia and Australia: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup 15th to 21st April, 2019


Asia and Australia Welcome to another weekly blockchain news roundup from around the world. Here we present to you all the latest Bitcoin news continent by continent and country by country. China Chinese Firm Mines Bitcoin Secretly, End up Losing USD 23 Million: After suffering colossal losses of USD 23M due to secret crypto mining activities, a Chinese construction company, Huatie, …

Coinbase Adds Latin America and Southeast Asia to Its Expanding Client Base

Coinbase Adds Latin America and Southeast Asia to Its Expanding Client Base

US cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase is to add 11 new markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia as part of its current global expansion programme. This is hot on the trail of its expansion in the UK market seeing revenue growth of 20% to USD 173 million, and the recent announcement of its new Coinbase card. In 2018, the exchange …

“Bitcoin Girl Thailand” on the Run From Thai Navy after Seastead Debacle

“Bitcoin Girl Thailand” on the Run From Thai Navy after Seastead Debacle

American Bitcoin investor Chad Elwartowski and Thai girlfriend Supranee Thepdet, nicknamed Bitcoin Girl Thailand, have gone into hiding having been accused of violating Thailand’s sovereignty; a charge that could carry a death sentence under Thai law. The couple constructed a platform home known as a “seastead” in international waters 12 nautical miles from the shoreline at Phuket, Thailand’s tourist island …

Why Crypto is Booming in the Philippines

Why Crypto is Booming in the Philippines

The Philippines is having a moment with cryptocurrency, which largely can be attributed to the country’s own political leadership. A combination of the Filipino government and the central bank, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), have a lot to do with the growing pro-Bitcoin sentiment in the Asian country. Indeed, for the nation’s authorities, cryptocurrency may well prove to be a way …

Chinese Miners Struggle for Easy Ride in Iran

Things aren’t turning out to be smooth for Chinese Bitcoin miners heading into Iran to profit from cheaper electricity rates. Long before China hinted it may consider halting Bitcoin mining projects, the exodus began and Iran recently became a hotspot for miners along with parts of South East Asia such as Vietnam and Cambodia. China’s National Development and Reform Commission …

Celeb Waqar Zaka Calls His New Crypto Idea a Solution to Pakistan’s Debt Dilemma

waqar zaka, pakistan

Pakistani television show host, social media star and a self-proclaimed crypto king, Waqar Zaka, has announced that he plans to use skills acquired as an engineering graduate to launch ‘Tehreek-i-Tech’- the country’s first own cryptocurrency project. Zaka plans to see these ambitious plans come to fruition with support from his old alma mater the National University of Science & Technology and …

Research: Blockchain in Finance Still Problematic For Operability, Integration with Enterprise Systems

Research: Blockchain in Finance Still Problematic For Operability, Integrating with Enterprise

New research from China points to several problems blockchain still faces in the finance sector, including data privacy compatibility, operability, and its integration within enterprise systems. The conductor of this research, Wei Kai is head of blockchain research at the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Wei shared his most recent findings at a 2019 meeting of the International Chamber …

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