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Ripples xVia Continues to create New opportunities

Emerging Markets

UniPAY, Exchange4Free, FairFX, RationalFX, and MoneyMatch are among 5 new customers to adopt Ripples xVia API solution to power payments.  xVia provides a payment platform for less developed countries with emerging markets so they can make faster payments and mitigate manual reconciliation costs. Emerging markets Emerging markets often have some aspects of a developed market, but don’t necessarily have a high income, many opportunities for foreign investment, capital flows, or …

Hong Kong Finds Crypto Not Implicated in Rise of Financial Crimes

Hong Kong Finds Crypto Not Implicated in Rise of Financial Crimes

In an official report conducted by the Hong Kong Financial Services and Treasury, it was found that criminals were far more likely to use traditional payment methods than cryptocurrencies to commit offenses. While the city is currently facing accusations of not instituting adequate measures to prevent financial crimes, the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment Report found that the number …

“Hope” for Children in Need with New Aussie UNICEF Mining Donations

"Hope" for Children in Need with New Aussie UNICEF Mining Donations

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has announced a program which has been designed to use donors’ computers to raise fiat currency through cryptocurrency mining. The website, the nucleus of the new project, is called “The Hope Page“, and is able to mine the cryptocurrency Monero using donors’ computer processing power through Coinhive, a crypto-mining service. This is the second …

Japanese Crypto Enquiries Tripled in 2017

Japanese Crypto Enquiries Tripled in 2017

Figures released after the second cryptocurrency exchange group this year hosted by Japan’s FSA on 27 April show a tripling of cryptocurrency enquiries since the same time last year. The first such meeting which took place last month revealed that there were 3.5 million now trading in cryptocurrency in Japan. These new figures confirm the massive spike in interest in …

Major GPU Suppliers Show Increased Profits from Bitcoin Mining

Major GPU Suppliers Show Increased Profits from Bitcoin Mining

Recent figures released by Global GPU producers have shown that demand for products related to blockchain and cryptocurrency mining is on the rise, and company stocks and profits have benefited as a result. Processing and chip units giant Nvidia and computer tech company AMD are two of the world’s biggest GPU producers and both companies have reported an increase in …

Singapore’s Fast Track Patents and Crypto Ride-Hailing Show Fintech Enthusiasm

Singapore's Fast Track Patents and Crypto Ride-Hailing Show Fintech Enthusiasm

The Singapore government has just announced its FinTech Fast Track Initiative, which seeks to accelerate patent granting processes for many fintech areas, including blockchain-based payments. Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Education, announced the programme during the 2018 World Intellectual Property Day on the 26th April. Singapore’s Intellectual property Office hopes …

Logistics Industry Forges Ahead With Blockchain

Blockchain continues to make its impact on the logistics and supply chain industry around the world as governments and private companies begin to calculate the value of its application in many sectors. Now, with giants Samsung, Walmart, and Carrefour making announcements, the numbers of large multinational companies investigating or actively using the technology is growing, particularly in the logistics sector; …

Asia, Middle East and Australia Cryptocurrency News Roundup 19-26 April 2018


Welcome to another weekly cryptocurrency news roundup. This week we will present the latest news from across the world country by country. Next up is Asia, Middle East and Australia. China Chinese government considering blockchain for data storage features: The Chinese National Audit Office has reportedly begun to test blockchain technology to support its current data storage capacity. The office is …

China’s #MeToo Movement Fights Internet Censorship With Ethereum Blockchain


Students in China have turned to coding messages onto the Ethereum blockchain in order to join the international #MeToo movement, evading the countries internet censorship. As reported by Quartz on Tuesday, Chinese internet users have been subject to social media posts relating to the#MeToo removed from websites such asWeChat and Weibo in recent weeks. Activists have been turning to the tamper-proof …

South Korea’s Biggest Crypto Exchange Pushes Towards User Friendly Future

Crypto exchange south korea

South Korea‘s largest cryptocurrency exchange has reported that it is now committed to creating a crypto environment where its users can access digital currencies as easily as cash. The exchange, Bithumb, has announced partnerships with South Korea’s third-largest e-commerce platform, WeMakePrice, and the largest local hotel booking platform, Yeogi Eottae.  The platforms are expected to integrate all 13 cryptocurrencies listed …

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