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Sweetbit Candy Dispenser Proves Efficiency and Practicality of Using Bitcoin as a Currency

micropayments, sweetbit, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, candy

David Knezic finished building a machine called Sweetbit on 27 May 2018 which dispenses candy in exchange for Bitcoin, and it proves the practicality, efficiency, and seamlessness of using Bitcoin as a currency. The video demonstrating Sweetbit can be found in the below tweet: Just finished my Bitcoin-enabled candy dispenser 🍬 pic.twitter.com/pU2xJdBIyx — David Knezić (@davidknezic) May 27, 2018 In the …

Cryptocurrency Job Market Explodes With Almost 6 Million Using Crypto Wallets

cryptocurrency, job, employment

Recent news source figures show a rapid growth in the cryptocurrency employment market. With more than 1,500 tradeable cryptocurrencies and a $320 billion-plus market cap across the space, job opportunities are increasing. Major online employment site, Indeed.com, recorded an increase of 207 percent in blockchain job listings between 2016 and 2017 — a period of just 12 months. The rising blockchain …

ASIC: Resistance Is Futile! Crypto’s Battle a Losing War?


At Consensus 2018, many blockchain software developers viewed Bitmain’s recent launch of their newest Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners as proof of the impending future for all cryptocurrencies. ASIC hardware will soon hit the markets for previously deemed ASIC-resistant cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash. David Vorick, a founder of ASIC manufacturer Obelisk stated: “I think any GPU-mined coin is going to become an …

Visa Crash Highlights Need for Decentralized Bitcoin-Like Payment Systems

visa, bitcoin,

Visa experienced a serious network disruption on 1 June 2018, impacting customers across the entire European Union and Ireland. This failure is the result of Visa being a centralized network and highlights the need for decentralized payment systems like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. In an official statement regarding the incident, Visa said the outage occurred due to a hardware …

Police Tried Stealing $15,000 From a Venezuelan Bitcoin Miner

Venezuela, economic crisis, Venezuela’s economic crisis

Venezuela’s economic crisis has meant citizens have resorted to new ways of acquiring money. Authorities forced entry into a businessman’s office, threatening to seize his office equipment in an effort to extort him for any money he might have. Venezuela’s economic crisis Venezuela owes oil companies, airlines, China, Russia and other creditors in the region of USD 141 billion, which was outlined in …

A Traveler’s Guide: How to See the World With Bitcoin in 2018

bitcoin, travelling, world

After software developer Felix Weiss from Luxembourg attracted worldwide attention two years ago, by traveling the world with Bitcoin at his disposal, Hard Fork asks the question: Has this feat become easier in 2018? When Weiss left on his world trip in January 2015 Bitcoin had crashed to around $200 per BTC, but started to slowly climb back en-route which …

Binance to Offer $1 Billion “Social Impact Fund” for Blockchain Startups

binance, fund, social impact

Leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance has announced plans to launch a USD 1 billion “social impact fund” to aid blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. Positive action for the industry As reported by Coin Desk, Binance will contribute over USD 1 billion via 10 installments of USD 100 million each, creating both funds for further investment into blockchain related funds, and direct funding of …

New York Legislators Vote for a Cryptocurrency Task Force

New York, cryptocurrency,

The banks committee sect of the New York state legislature has voted in favor of progressing a bill that would authorize a digital currency task force. The vote took place on May 30, with the committee confirming their backing for a task force that would study the effects of the implementation of cryptocurrencies on the state’s financial markets. The Task Force The …

Salud! Argentinian Vineyard Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency for 2018 Vintage

An Argentinian vineyard has announced that its 2018 wine vintage is to become a wine backed crypto asset following its May 6th OpenVino token sale, reports Decanter.com. Costaflores Organic Vineyard in Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza has announced that each token represents one bottle of wine and will be sold at cost price. This year’s vintage was calculated at 16,448 bottles at £3.55 …

Bitmain Accused of Selling “Seriously Inadequate” Hardware

bitmain, mining, ASIC, miner

The world’s largest cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain has been accused of providing ”seriously inadequate” hardware reportedly caked with dust, leading to speculation that second-hand units are being sold as new. The accusation Cryptocurrency miners reached out to Zooko Wilcox, the founder, and CEO of Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, explaining the ongoing dispute with Bitmain over the hardware they received. “Someone …

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